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I am a lazy person. I find laziness very becoming of my personality, in fact, it is part of my personality. I am lazy enough not to pick a fight just because it is tedious to have an argument. I refrain from voicing some of my not so conventional opinions at certain forums because it is tedious to defend one’s view. Although I write reasonably well and have had a long list of people compliment me or push me to write more, I am uniform in my laziness not to comply to their wishes.

Out of  the long list, ( I will admit, that it is not such a long list after all) my MommyThe H. & a few friends have been the most vociferous. I in my laziness have been letting them down for over a decade. So, having turned 30 a few months back, I resolved to get back into writing. With the resolution came the stationary from The H. A pretty pink journal, a Parker pen, loads of ideas, daily pep talks. As they say in some proverb, “you can take the horse to the water but you cannot make it drink.” I am the proverbial horse in this case (in case you were wondering). The H. pushed and prodded, I did budge and inch or two, scribbling two pages. The journal entries were mundane, way too mundane for flexing my writing skills and soon they became boring. So, I stopped. Uniformly I have managed to abandon a lot of these journals. I re started once more in 2014, with a resolve to make meaningful journal entries about, all the smart ass comments I seem to be able to make during my chats with Friends & ‘the Gang’. Of course, let me assure you I have not disappointed myself my going through a makeover just because of that one New Year resolution. That journal my dear reader is bust. I have written down some pretty random events or thoughts and mostly these thoughts are uninspiring, negative and brazenly self indulgent in nature.

So, having disappointed everyone, I finally seem to have managed to disappoint myself with the lack of motivation and lethargy I seem to have managed to gather. Over the past decade I have cribbed about not having time to do a lot of the things I like, one of them is blogging and writing. And here I was 5 months sober, ( I am a recovering workaholic ) pretty much vegetating at home, not moving a muscle or bone, letting my brain stew in ‘lazy juice’ and the fermented stink was pretty much ready to poison me.

I come to WordPress with bated breath and fingers crossed, not making any resolutions but resolving to attempt posting 100 scribbling over the next few months, and hopefully keep the reader amused, entertained and not thoroughly peeved. Consider this my tiny little attempt to undo the disappointment I have caused a whole lot of wonderful people who have believed in me and always asked me to write.

I bring to you 100 days of scribbling.



10 thoughts on “ZERO

  1. Amen to your wishes 🙂 There is so much that I can relate to about this post – the constant prodding from mommy dearest to exercise the pen, the cribs about not having time to blog and then just vegging around when the time finally arrives and that attempt at journal writing – an attempt that always ends in unfinished sentences as well as an abandoned journal!
    So, cheers to your new beginning. And if this maiden post is anything to go by you will certainly keep your readers both amused and musing 🙂


  2. Admit a bit late for this comment, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed while going through your post. A cloying thought presented in such a manner as if somebody has mirrored my inexpressive thoughts. All the best dear!!! keep going!! 🙂


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