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I thought I would get started on my work out at a new gym but the powers that govern us unseen to the naked eyes did not want it. So the gym I had zeroed in on, a local place frequented by The H,  it is inexpensive and value for money place, is undergoing it’s annual maintenance and is closed for a week.

My preferred gym would have been my earlier one, the National level Gym chain, which provides the best facilities and trainers in fact they offer extremely competitive rates. I am weighing in the pros and cons of the place with The H. The  difference of 300 INR a month can get you shower, locker, steam room and clean and better equipment.

I guess the investment of an annual nature. immediately worries me.

I have convinced myself like always that if I can be a regular at any gym till July I will avail of the discounted annual membership of the bigger gym in August. Even if it is not discounted I am willing to pay that additional money just for their facility.

The H. smiled as usual, my dance of indecision always tickles his funny bone.

Let me do justice to my hard earned and saved money for the time being by justifying an annual membership by attending 5 days a week of gym in the local one. What do I have to lose except a few kgs.



2 thoughts on “TWO

  1. The moment u wrote about gym membership i was interested 😉
    A very wise decision to do a trial before commiting to an annual membership.


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