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In my research , read as Google, of Sonar Kella and movies directed by Satyajit Ray about the Super Sleuth Feluda,  I came across some interesting facts and trivia. I don’t think any of this was publicized as I didn’t find any related entries in Wikipedia or IMdB. I present to you a few of them.

  • In Sonar Kella a para psychologist by the name Dr. Hemanga Hajra traveled with Mukul to Rajasthan in order to find the Sonar Kella  of his drawings. The same Dr. Hajra was later impersonated by one of the two villainous characters. The actor who played original  Dr. Hajra was Sailen Mukherjee.

669px-Chiriyakhana Sailen Mukherjee played the role of Ajit Chakraborty in Satyajit Ray’s other sleuth movie, of Byomkesh Bakshi, in Chiriakhana.

Ajit  is the Dr. Watson to Sharadendu Bandopadhyay’s Super Sleuth character Byomkesh Bakshi.  In the movie adaptation of                the lead role was played by Uttam Kumar.


  • In Sonar Kella, the character of the father of Topshe was played by Haradhan Bandopadhyay.In the second Feldua movie, Joy Baba Felunath, he was the father of Ruku.  The young boy who thinks of himself as Capt. Spark and a budding detective hero.


  • Of the deadly duo of villains in Sonar Kella, the character of Amiyanatha Mandar Bose was played by Kamu Mukherjee.

download (1)             And I don’t know if you will believe this, it is the same Kamu Mukherjee who played the role of the Knife Thrower in Joy Baba                Felunath.



The Trivia came as a surprise to me, if they have surprised you please do leave a comment.



4 thoughts on “Five

  1. if possible read Ray’s ” ekei bole shooting”…u will be flooded with more such trivia…whats more, as Ray confessed in the book, most of them are calculated moves from Ray and he wrote those characters mostly with those actors in mind……its a very interesting read


  2. Kurosawa said of Ray’s work, “To have not seen the films of Ray is to have lived in the world without ever having seen the moon and the sun.”. Truer words are hard to come by!


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