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A friend in need is a friend indeed, a proverb that has echoed throughout my life. I can’t think of any point in my life which I haven’t needed a friend and found one. Yes, I have been extremely lucky to have met and had good friends. My belief in the power of friendship goes much beyond the mundane philosophy. Whichever metaphor of life you may believe in the River or the Train or the Journey, friends form an integral part of the fabric if life that we all live.

If I were to believe that birds of feather flock together, then I have had some beautiful birds give me company and in doing so they have left indelible impressions on my life and personality. Peer pressure is a reality but the fact that Peers can have a wonderful influence on you is something I have believed in. So, I say to you, all the positives that you will find in me are inherited from my parents and imbibed from my friends, and all the negatives, they are all mine.

Each and every friendship may not have influenced me in such a way as to make an impression on my conscious mind but there are several friends, some I am lucky to have with me, some I have lost on the way, some who have been cruelly taken away, who have made me the person that I am. There have many times I have thought of thanking them individually. But I know I have never got around to it. In fact it is no longer possible to say a word of thanks to some. Still with some hope of redemption I begin this as an attempt to talk about some of my friends, who have, are and perhaps always will make me feel lucky.

Here are bits and pieces of thoughts that come to me when I sit quietly not thinking about anything, about how friends have influenced my life. Over sentimental and full of nostalgia, this one is for my friends, wherever you are, reading this or not, know it, I think of you.

1. I would not have been as good as I am in antakshari had it not been for the incessant rounds of singing in the school bus.

2. I would never have known so many Hollywood actors name in the Pre-google era had it not been for the rounds of Magnet we played.

3. Playing with Barbie and doll house wouldn’t have been as much fun if it wasn’t after school.

4. I would never become a member of British Council Library without a friend to drag me there.

5. I would never have joined a gym had it not been for a friend’s pep talk.

6. I would not have re joined another gym had it not been for the company of another friend.

7. I would have never thought of studying management had it not been for some mad friends who suggested I sit for the CAT exam.

8. I would have never been lucky to have heard, Bhoomi, Euphoria, Rupankar, and other singers and bands had it not been for the friends who accompanied me.

9. Would Maddox Square have been the same without the gang of friends who made it what it was to me every Ashtami, in Pujo?

10. I would have never read a Mills and Boons novel had it not been for a friend.

11. I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of watching a movie at Nandan without the friends.

12. I wouldn’t know how to use eye shadow and other make up stuff without my friend who told me about M.A.C.

13. I would have never thought of straitening my hair or coloring it had it not been for one or two friends.

Today I end with my lucky number 13, keeping a few funny, mundane, surprising little one liners on how my friends made me who I am, for later.



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