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For the longest time I can remember, I have had this habit of writing down bits and pieces from the books, newspaper or magazine I read. Sometimes they were quotes by an author, a character, a celebrity, at other times they were a few lines which made me backtrack and read it a few more times. Along with my laziness I am cursed with a terrible memory. So, Book titles, authors, stories all get mixed up in my head and remembering a quote is like trying to give an examination for which I haven’t studied. The habit of writing something down was in the hope that I can at least go back to read it afterwards. Once I started owning some of my favorite books, I used post it stickers to identify pages in the book where an interesting thought or quote was to be found. I am strictly against using pen, pencil or marker on my books simply because of the fear of destroying them. Although when it came to books meant for study, my feelings were the exact opposite. I was underlining important passages once , twice, sometimes thrice, as I read them.

[This post is suddenly turning out to be about my book reading habits.]

To get back on track, that habit of keeping little things that made me think written down in the back pages of my journal has given me a few hundred sayings, thoughts, opinions. I thought as part of my blog, another category should exist for my love for these quotes. So, once in a while I will throw a  few of them at you. And the thing with quotes is that they need no explanation. At least the one’s I like do not. They echo a thought that may or may not touch you, if they do then you will know what it means to you personally, if they don’t leave any impression, well, you can read my other posts.

This is the introductory post for “QUOTES”. The new category of scribbling coming your way. I do hope you will continue to enjoy them and comment on them perhaps, with a quote which you like, that acts as a natural corollary to the posted quote or perhaps contradicts it. I would really love to hear from you.

And to begin here is my favorite quote,

to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.” – from Lord Tennyson‘s Ulysses.




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