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Agatha Christie is my favorite crime mystery writer and I went back to re-reading her books, mainly the Hercule Poirot ones. This triggered the desire to start writing. I started to write and after 10 pages of writing I felt like scrapping it all and beginning again but I couldn’t do it. Rewriting is not in my nature and that is perhaps why I have not become a writer. I have this need to finish a story and not let it twist and turn in the middle. Of course the initial question or predicament I felt  in this piece which I abandoned midway, was because I had started writing like I write blogs in first person, then I felt the story would be better if told through a third person narrator, an omniscient entity. The descriptions would then not be limited by the observation of one pair of eyes only. There ended my attempt at fiction writing and began this blog.

When I read Christie I find it so easy to read, digest and re-read without the loss of interest. I wish truly to be able to write like her – in the non-stop, no time to breathe- way, as she does. But I am not so great and hence I cannot.

I read many a beautiful things in her books, often I used to keep them written in my journals, hoping someday to use but of course I failed. But old habits die hard, do they not. I have here some quotes from one of the books I read recently. This is part of my Quotes category. I hope you will enjoy it and perhaps go back and read the book I mention here.

“Love can turn to hate very easily. It is easier to hate where you have lover than it is to be indifferent where you have loved.”

“…there are people who need truth. Because they can face truth without dismay. They can face it with that brave acceptance that you have to have in life if life is tube any good to you.”

“Elephants can remember but me are human beings and mercifully human beings can forget.”

The above quotes are from Elephants Can Remember, Christie. Agatha

Reading Agatha Christie always makes you work the brain to guess the murderer in her story. It is wonderful that although Poirot always attaches importance of relying on mental faculties, his ‘little grey cells’,  he does leave enough bread crumbs for the reader within the conversations he has with the different characters in the story. So you can play the sleuth too as a reader. That is exactly why he is my favorite and I like him even more than Sherlock Holmes. Holmes, always comes across as a bit of chauvinist who doesn’t believe in leaving any bread crumbs. It seems unlikely that the difference is only because of the gender of the writers. Food for thought and a hint for my next post!




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