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Last weekend me and The H. went for a evening out to a Park. This park is developed and maintained by the local municipality along a khari,  an inlet formed by the sea into the land. It is surrounded by a lot of greenery. It is near a big residential area and we were surprised by the crowd that swarmed the place. The actual park has 3 parts. One is a children’s park with jungle jims, swings, see-saws and it was over run by kids of all ages. There is one park which is serene and calm meant for the joggers and others who enjoy silence and solitude. Then there is this huge open ground facing the water. It has lush grass despite the hot summer here and is well lit and is full of families sitting around chatting, some couples chatting in hushed tones, several children running around or playing. There is an open area between these three parts which is sanctuary to pigeons, they are fed grains and drinking water is provided. There is a small ferry service for anyone wanting to go on a joyride around the khari.  The area has a lot of street food hawkers and is really a lot of fun for a lazy evening spent with The H.

On our way back from the park I stumbled upon a treasure trove of books being sold by a Hawker, dirt cheap. I will admit I have off late got addicted to e-books and seem to be doing most of my reading on my Tablet. But a feel of Paperback is still exciting. The H. and I started browsing the collection and found a eclectic mix of fiction and non fiction. I was happy to see Amish’s trilogy, Jeffrey Archer’s latest offering, along with the scattered Monk who sold his Ferrari and the likes. Finally I selected Rashmi Bansal’s Connect The Dots for him. The H. enjoys reading his Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Robin Sharma. I must confess with my Management studies I have no interest in these kind of writings. I am pretty lazy when it comes to my reading too, so I enjoy easy to digest literary work, otherwise it makes me feel like I am studying for a test, blame that on my Literature studies. And the other thing is I don’t believe self help books really help. But that is not the point of the post.

After I came back home I read author’s note in Rashmi Bansal’s  book. I liked a few lines from it and thought I would share.

” The truth is, there is plan. A bigger plan. Every experience in your life – whether good or bad – has made you what you are.

   A chance encounter.

 A stray conversation.

An article you read which somehow stays with you.

These are the unexpected turns on the journey of life. Which lead to a destination.”

The author goes on to extort the readers to go forth and embrace life, and the joy and beauty of it.

It felt good to read this. Just like it feels good to read some one line ‘fast food’ kind instant philosophy on Facebook so much so that we share it on our post or if you are lazy enough like it. But the words of Ms. Bansal stayed with me; so, even after a few days I didn’t forget to share the quote. May be some instant philosophies stay with us for a little longer.



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