I went into a makeup induced coma yesterday evening. The H. & me were out for our evening stroll through the local market when I chanced upon a new shop full of makeup. The shop housed everything from nail enamel,  eye make up, foundation and liquid makeup, lip liners and lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadow palettes and more. It boasted of brands I recognized,  V.O.V, Faces, L’OrĂ©al,  Inglot, M.A.C to name a few.

The moment I stood amidst the trays bursting with nail colors I went into a makeup induced coma. The surrounding sounds faded and my mind was filled with colors, pops, pastels, glitters, nail art…. and more, the glass bottles held varied colors and they glittered under the lights and beckoned me like gems in a treasure. To me this find was like the Dwarfs laying their eyes upon the lost gold. My eyes glittered with glee. I felt like a kid who wanted to grab all the colorful toffees in front with both hands.

Slowly my senses returned as I began my research into this hoard of treasure in front of me. The basic problem facing me was no tester policy. So nothing can be tested. Although I found women surreptitiously doing it anyway. But that only meant there were more used products on the shelf. The other thing that put me off was they wouldn’t allow photography.  The prices were dirt cheap, which made me very suspicious of the origin of these products.  But I like my discounted stuff anyday. Why buy at full price? I wait for sale season, I can admit that without any embarrassment.

The H. suggested staying away from the skin products like foundations,  lipstics and compact. Instead I went on to buy some nail color and a nail paint remover. Both of which I needed. As I believe a woman can never have enough nail color, lipstick, shoes…. and… ; the list is long.

I am fairly impressed by the nail color and the remover- an acetone free one. Both are not imported and made locally. But with a discount tag of 70% it’s a steal. I am looking forward to picking up some pastel shades for summer nail color from the shop. The nail color I picked up is a pop pink, the texture of the polish is creamy, not dry. It spreads evenly, if you follow the 3 rules of nail color application, it gives a medium glossy finish, leaving no ugly bumps or brush stroke lines. I used a top coat to add shine and protect the color.

Update: The nail color proved to have less than normal staying power. It didn’t lose the shine and color because of the top coat but it started chipping from the tip. Of course my usual avoidance of household work has been put om hold for now, so this may be an effect of the cleaning, cooking washing activities.

Just in case you were wondering what the 3 rules are for nail painting.  Here they are:

1. Always use base coat to protect nails and top coat to protect color and make your nail color long staying and chip resistant.
2.  Nail color application requires patience. Never do it in a hurry, unless you are addicted to express finish nail colors. Always apply the coat of nail paint in three strokes starting from the middle. Do not use excess polish. Do not use a polish that has thickened, it will look messy. Use a thinner to dilute the polish.
3. Let the coats dry between application.  Usually to get the best color application of 3 coats is recommended.  But depending on ur choice you may restrict it to 2 coats. Never rush the drying process with blow dryer, dip ur nails in cold water instead.

After the initial drool inducing moment I thought The H. may have to drag me away because I sure as hell didn’t want to leave the shop. But I reminded myself, everything in small doses keeps things interesting.  I will be back soon to check out the shop again. My eyes are on the glitter range of nail polish this time.

Tell me about your makeup induced coma moment, in the comments section.