Top 10 reasons not to read Cosmopolitan.


There was time when Cosmopolitan meant a glimpse into a world unknown to a teenager. But this was the time when Cosmopolitan was not easily available in the market and one would read old tattered copies. Today with all magazines having an online presence, so, does Cosmo, has made it easy to read a magazine and the exposure to Cosmo articles has increased manifold.  The subscription to their page has thrown up the reasons for discontinuing reading it.

1. It gets really boring to be shown re-hashed articles with different headlines every other day.

2. Sex tips for morning, noon, night, weekdays and weekends, too much advice from random folks pretending to be sexperts.

3. Covering the royal baby every other day, or Kim Kadarshian or Kanye and Beyonce can get on anybody’s nerve.

4. Relationship advice for women from women who probably live in the Victorian age and talk only about appeasement with the Man, bordering on being passive aggressive. Pushing for values that are more to do with ‘being a doormat’ than with feminism or family. Columns by Men advising women with Understanding Men 101 guides that contain age old gender stereotypes.

5. Tips and tricks on relationship management that are so generic and completely misleading, developing unhealthy insecurities that ruin relationships more than helping them. These advice columns only sow more seeds of doubt into the minds of the reader. They push women to compare their relationships with the “notion of perfection” that the magazine portrays.

6. Ridiculous posts on Penis shaped objects, weird posts generalizing the experience of Sex in less than 100 words. Sample: What Women Think before Sex… Why does He want sex back there ….

7. Obsession with Miley Cyrus and Human Barbie.

8. Supposedly feminist posts by women working as Phone sex callers with self delusions.

9. The 10, 11, 12 signs that make a man ready to commit or not, make him a good husband or make him a potentially good Dad. The articles are not researched but merely opinion of one that is inflicted on the readers.

10. Tips on getting the perfect ass and perkier boobs… yes you read it right. Shocking body image issues created by such articles only under the false pretense of them being health tips.


Time to dump Cosmo.