My obsession with flip phones started way back in the days with Motorola Razr. My very first mobile phone handset was a Mototola and I was totally taken by the newest craze of the Razr. I didn’t own a flip phone. The only one I could afford was a Nokia flip phone, a very basic model, but it was overruled by parents as a phone that might break at the hinge. I never really got a chance to buy a Razr which was priced at INR 16,000 and above. Somehow by the time I felt I could dare to buy any phone above INR 10,000, the music phone, business phone and smartphone revolution had started and I was swept away. Forgetting all about my deep seated desire for the flip phone.

Then came the clamshell design by Nokia which I didn’t enjoy much. The flip or clamshell is a mobile phone form factor which is in two or more sections that fold via a hinge. If the hinge is on a long edge the device is more likely to be called clamshell than flip phone. The clamshell form factor is most closely associated with the mobile phone market, as Motorola used to have a trademark on the term “flip phone”,but the term “flip phone” has become genericized to be used more frequently than “Clamshell” in colloquial speech. 

The first Motorola model to support the clamshell design was the StarTAC, created in 1996, although General Telephone & Electronics (GTE) held the trademark from the 1970s for its Flip Phone (one of the first small hand-held electronic phones), until 1993. Motorola is best known for its clamshell models such as the RAZR.

I think my obsession with this clamshell or Flip phone began with Hollywood movies and TV Series. Clamshells were, as of early 2009, the most popular form factor for cellular phones in the U.S. Seeing them on telly made me crave one. Even today there are many companies that have this design, whether it is Blackberry Pearl or Karbonn or Micromax. I am still wondering whether there is any chance of me owning one which I can use as a back up phone. I have two smartphones, one of which I do not use for Internet and GPS. So the usage of the second phone is primarily basic for calls, messaging and may be sometimes taking a picture. 

When I started to think I saw how a flip phone has advantages, with lower bill value for not using 2G or 3G data, longer battery life without extra apps eating your battery juice, no updates required, no worry about Internal Memory, the good old T9 dictionary, a physical keypad without weird auto correct and typos, the satisfaction of taking out the phone and flipping it open with one hand and receiving a call or snapping the lid shut to have the satisfaction of hanging up on a bugging caller. Ahh the limitless goodness of a flip phone.

May be I can change one of my smartphones to a Flip phone and fulfill by desire. After all you live once and why nourish a regret.

Do any of my readers have a flip phone or owned one ever? Do write in. Would love to know.



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