CASTLE Season 6 Finale [***Spoiler Alert**]


For all the Castle fans the finale for Season 6 must have been a complete shock and disappointment. [Spoiler] After all the madness in the episode where Beckett is chasing down her husband, yes you read it right, she was married in a Las Vegas Drive in Chapel, to get a divorce and catches a FBI wanted criminal in the process. The wedding venue is changed at the last moment, even Beckett’s wedding dress gets trashed, and all signs of the negative kind, the audience was taken to the brink of sheer hopelessness and brought back to a dazzling wedding event only to be pushed over the edge into a car wreck. Yes, that’s where we are left, [spoiler] Beckett staring horror struck at a flaming wreckage of Castle’s car in a ditch. In the preceding sequence we see a black SUV chasing down Castle’s car and it is assumed it pushed him off the road.

It is one of the many twists that the writers of Castle have given to the fans. The earlier seasons have a variety of heart stopping endings like in death of Montgamery, or Beckett being shot shot, or Beckett moving to D.C. or Castle’s proposal waiting to be answered,  The fans have borne the troubles of waiting a whole summer till the series resumes to discover the final truth, every time. But this time they have out done themselves. This is the worst possible place to leave the love story of Kate and Richard. The entire Season 6 has been spent building up to the grand wedding of the two. Even Beckett’s big baggage, [spoiler] her mom’s death and her subsequent tryst with Bracken comes to a close in the penultimate episode when Beckett has the final piece of evidence to bring down the Senator responsible for her mother’s murder. The last episode was supposed to be all about wedding and the happily ever after for Beckett and Castle.

The season has been really about Beckett and her growing pains. She has become sure about her decision to marry Castle, in fact she has mellowed as a Human and the fans can now see her softer and more emotionally vulnerable side. She has developed her relationships with the other characters too, like with Lenny. She is more trusting and is ready to share her fears. One may even say she has evolved under Castle’s genial influence into a more likeable person.

There is a lot of conjecture now, what happened to Castle? Who was driving the car that pushed him off the road? The fans have a large array of options to choose from, after all, the detective duo have their share of enemies. The immediate suspicion falls on Bracken. Does he still have the influence to get Castle killed? It could also signal the return of the arch nemesis, 3XK. The deadly serial murderer, 3XK, whose icy fingers can even reach the NYPD precinct and remove every single piece of evidence of his crimes, may he is still on their trail! Is he back to take his final revenge? Could it be Castle’s dad has got involved in something big and the fall out is now affecting Castle? It could be having assisted in the capture of the dreaded Mafia hit man, Barbosa, they have endangered their lives.

But there is no reason to dread the worst, Castle Dead!! After all in the finale episode Castle talks about the fairy tale romances, the one’s where you have to overcome obstacles in order to find the happy ending. The romance and love story of Castle and Beckett is an epic one and we needn’t perhaps worry about the end, because if it is not ‘happy’ then it is definitely not the end.

Despite the initial disappointment with the no-show wedding and the shock of the car wreck and a possibility of a trapped, dying Castle, we will wait eagerly for the next Season to unveil the continuing love story of these two kindred soul and their exploits.