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This Blog was my attempt to be a writer who doesn’t just type out her opinions, thoughts and day to to day life as part of a Online Journal. I have spent over 10 years doing that on my other blogs, on other blog hosting sites. This blog was meant to be a beginning and an attempt to write about a variety of topics about which I had an opinion or interest. So, I have brought to the readers of this blog everything from a movie review to a book review, authors, directors, celebrities, fictional characters, TV series and what not.

Over the past one week I haven’t posted anything, the longest dry spell for me with this blog. I have been fighting with my inner “opinionated” self over whether or not I can or should let out a few of my niggling opinions and thoughts which aren’t so academic in nature. Recently over a chat with a fellow [and a much better ] blogger, I complimented her on the ability to write about her opinions and views on everything from politics to kitchen affairs with such ease. I confessed to her that every time I read her blog I felt this desire to lapse back into the good old days of talking crap on my blog, which I always did. But having set myself a challenge where I would only write a blog post based on a certain topic which wasn’t about recording an event in my life or bitching about an acquaintance, I could not bring myself to write about the tidbits that came to me unbidden.

After a long dilemma filled week and a trip back to my Home City, I am filled with this intense hope that may be I can indulge in the little bit of opinion-mongering, as I like to call it, in the next few posts. So, my readers will now have to satisfy themselves for the next 3 weeks with my opinion-mongering.

This post was my attempt to introduce a couple of new categories under which I shall post on my blog, Opinion, City Life, Confession etc.

I really do hope the readers will continue to enjoy these posts.




Would like to hear your opinion, please comment

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