A vacation is like a taking a break from the mundane routine and that means my trip back home gave me an unwelcome break from blogging. I had the fantasy that being back home meant I would unleash my opinions on to the unsuspecting readers of my blog. I did some unloading of sentiments that were burdening my soul. That done I lost all the steam to write and thus for over 15 days there hasn’t been a post. Now that I am back to my routine life, the ‘comeback’ post of sorts, needed something extra. But there was nothing of consequence that I wanted to speak about. There are a few things which have been on my mind but they are too small to form an individual post.

How about I pile all those small niggling thoughts into this one post, after all, this is blog for scribbling!

With the new age advertisement where the bride to be is a mother of a little girl, yes, I refer to the Tanishq ad comes another attempt at removing stigma of a divorced father, by Bombay Dyeing. Not all ads get the tone right, the teenage daughter gives advice to her newly divorced Dad to pick up colorful towels for the home, stating the one line which tries to include all the information of the ad. The ad fails to nudge any part of the heart and remains a wannabe idea following the important stride made by Tanishq.

The season finale of several Amercian TV shows hit the screens during the last month. Each of the show had disappointing finale, be it [spoliers!!] the death of Dean in Supernatural, Richard’s car crash in Castle [ discussed in my blog post, Read Here] , Mass murder and massacre of 4 major characters by Dr. Lecter in Hannibal, Sheldon Cooper leaves town in The Big Bang Theory. After all these shocks I am not sure whether I am looking forward to the next seasons or am I left with no feelings and excitement to tide me over this summer break.

The Bollywood movie bandwagon has come to a standstill for me with many unpalatable films hitting the theater every Friday. There is the hash of a bad book in 2 States, the so called big debut of Shroff son in Heropanti… overall a disappointing summer according to me, even the Akshay Kumar starrer Holiday is a bust, so say the reviews, I haven’t had the heart to venture out to the multiplex.

In Hollywood movies the return of the X men – this time in 3D was good, but the convoluted storyline started getting to me. The influx of too much emotion also left the movie a few minutes longer than necessary. The end of the movie was melodramatic and theatrical. Somehow Wolverine wasn’t much fun without his crazy stunts, too much CG can ruin a movie this is yet another example of it.

Over all entertainment wise this summer has been pretty boring.

So much for a everyday, un-researched , random scribbling about what’s on my mind. Hope the next few posts will have something new and interesting to offer to the readers.


Till then….