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To The Girls Who Are “Emotionally High-Maintenance”

Reblogging is new to me. And although I have seen the symbol before, I haven’t reblogged anything before. It is very similar to Twitter’s re tweet. The concept is similar too. One can share a post by a fellow blogger and add one’s own thoughts and opinions. Although I wouldn’t consider this to be a part of my quest to write 100 posts on my blog, from time to time it is important that I share what I read and it is also important to do this exercise because I am not always capable of writing something on the same topic or expressing my thoughts precisely.

Reblog 1.0

Such a wonderfully written and high on emotional content writing… I couldn’t help but make this my first reblog.
I have always considered myself emotionally high maintenance and have been disappointed with partners unwilling to take that extra care when handling me. I remember posting on another blog why I was emotionally high maintenance. But that post was about defending myself and putting on an attitude of , ‘I couldn’t care less if you understand’, but this post I am re blogging has a tone that is closer to the real feeling of being misunderstood, and the desperate attempts to explain oneself. These feelings still plague me sometimes but thankfully The H. has been a calming influence on me mentally as well as emotionally.

Hope you enjoy reading this reblog. Do leve a comment on the original blogger’s site. All credit and copyright is of “Thought Catalog”.

Thought Catalog

Jo Christian OterhalsJo Christian Oterhals

This was alarming, but only somewhat. I say somewhat because, deep down, I know without a doubt this is true. I am needy and crave attention (which I blame on being an only child – thanks mom and dad!). But at the same time, I have so much to give. It’s an interesting dilemma.

I have given it some thought and broken down some of the elements of what makes me emotionally high maintenance (at least in my opinion). I highly suspect there are many others out there like myself (or maybe I’m just telling myself that to feel better?).

I am emotionally high maintenance because I want to text you and talk to you through out the day – every day. I do not text you to keep tabs on you – I want the meat, the depth, the every detail of your day. I care…

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