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O well, you know how they distinguish personality types on silly internet quizes with whether you like sea side or mountain?  I am the one who picks sea side always. I have a particularly soft spot for the beaches.

And the moment I am near a sea beach …. I pretty much forget everything,  and all I wish to do is splash around, often to the amusement of my companions and much to the delight of The H.

I think itis one of the first things he liked about me, that hasn’t turned out to be momentary,  forgotten after a while.

My experience with sea and beaches are many and unvaried. I pretty much do the same things wherever I go.

Out of these is my habit of losing things in the sea or to the sea, if you believe in that sort of things. In the past 2 years I have lost a mobile phone , one slipper from a pair ( mind you the sea was nice enough to return it after some time… and this is after I threw away the other one in frustration.  Finally I got bck both pairs in a gap of 30 mins). Unfortunately the mobile phone didn’t come back.

The same sea beach that took away and returned my favorite slippers, has now taken my favorite blue colored lens sunglasses.  This sunglass was a gift from The H. & drew a lot of attention wherever I went.  The form being steel rimmed blue lens on aviator shape, it was cool, funky, edgy and classic all at the same time.

And now it’s gone. I toppled over under the attack of a huge wave and the sunglass slipped away from my face.  It was gone in a matter of split seconds, not to be seen again. I waited by the waters edge hoping it will come back but it didn’t.

I let it go. I had the feeling someone on that beach would be finding it in the sand, and I hope its in some shape to be worn. May be some kid will pick it up and enjoy playing with it.

I have picked up many such little sea trash so to speak, I kept a few, others I gave away to someone nearby on the beach. It was astonishing to find The H. Eagerly poking around the beach picking up shiny, weird , colorful objects. I have not told him how similar we are in our treasure hunting quest by the beach.

Of all d weird things we have found, 3 are worth mentioning,  I wrist watch in perfect working condition,  a children’s video game again working fine, a weird looking bone of some animal.

The sea beach is a treasure trove …

Hope someone finds my funky blue sunglass soon.


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