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  1. I don’t shop locally. I only do my shopping for clothes from branded shops in Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. [And I foolishly thought top brands had infiltrated the markets in all metro cities.]
  2. I don’t like Cafe Coffee Day or Barista. I only go to Costa Coffee or Starbucks. [Where did you learn to drink a cappuccino before Starbucks came to India, in a roadside stall?]
  3. I don’t like restaurant food. I only have home cooked food. You see I work out. [So, you eat healthy. Great!!. But really !! no food at restaurants ? ]
  4. I prefer going to a proper Hotel for drinks rather than a local pub. The crowd is better. [ Of course, your kind of people, right?]
  5. I don’t drink Indian Whiskey, I prefer scotch. [ Really, so what do you prefer single or double? Reply: “I usually take a large peg.” Yup, got that.]

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