I must talk about the latest trend among wannabe fashionistas, “so called” beauty experts and “very successful” mothers. What the latter means, I am yet to discover! But moving to the point I am here to make. here are women who apparently have everything they have wanted, leaving you to assume that they are happy and thus, shocked to find how easily they take offense at the most inconsequential statements. In the character portrait to follow you will see the “art’ of how to be touchy on every subject and take offense and build a defense at the slightest of statements not conforming to their wishes and desires.

In a hypothetical situation, you are at lunch with your bestie and happen to speak about a common friend who is a young mother. You observe to your bestie, the trials and tribulations of being a new mom, having to manage things alone and juggling a career too.The bestie in question feels  hurt almost immediately for remaining unappreciated and the apparent diminishing of the value of her problems as an equally young mom.Wow, what sensitive skin!

Of course, you blunder on without being able to imagine the ridiculously thin skin that covers these fashion divas. You throw the fat in the fire when you repeat to her statements of a young mother about her baby who is not cranky and tantrum riddled but quiet and manageable. Ms. Touchy hence, decides it’s time to be fire up all cylinders and go on a tantrum throwing spree. The statement you have made thus, is represented as an accusation (false , obviously!), against her child, of being a temperamental and unsocial kid ( although in her previous conversation many a times the same child has been represented as an attention seeking and cranky child), At the end of the incident, you are made to look like a villain, all this because the woman’s hormones are haywire [due to lack of certain basic needs activity – remember Maslow’s lowest point of the Pyramid.].¬†

Well to such touchy women, I say, build and manage a group of false friends and butt licking fans to keep you cocooned in your comfort zone – of being the queen of the world and your child the princess. And let us mundane folks who know the reality of your instagram filtered, DSLR produced photo album of a life, be at peace. We most certainly do not have time for your hormone fueled dramas or temper tantrums. I am sure your guilt stricken – cheating spouse & your other dysfunctional family members and friends will enjoy the show and clap too.