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In “Art of Touchiness” I wish to state that this is my way of venting the gall I feel against these so called friends I have gathered and regarding these posts I have no wish to explain or defend myself.The fact is that I did nothing to deserve the shit they shoveled on me and I am only writing about it. They can be thankful that I haven’t mentioned their sorry ass names on this post. But then that would defy the logic of the post.

My second touchy friend is a lady who has singularly bad taste in deciding which photos are appropriate for public viewing. She pretends to be oblivious to the fact that most people commenting on her photos are being sarcastic. And I have nothing against her silly album names like ‘Mee’ or even pictures she has downloaded off the Hotel website or for that matter copyrighted pictures [with the copyright visible] posted on her album to showcase her supposedly brilliant celebrity life spent in bars, at techno concerts, first class flight cabins and apartments in middle eastern countries.

But when there is a post cruelly [according to her] enumerates these sad trends on social media, she huffs and puffs [ about a month later] because her busy schedule doesn’t allow her time to troll the internet and she posts how her ‘middle class’ friend is only jealous of her life and achievements and thus finding faults with her pictures.

Oh well, Ms. Popular – at bars, let your middle class friend not shame you by divulging your true colors and your careless life that you live out of a one rented room, sleeping on a mattress on the floor, living out of suitcases and posting instagram selfies from your daily commute in an auto. Doesn’t get more middle class than this, does it?


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