The problems with regular blogging is time and place. When an idea strikes it floods the mind, however, it may be just in the wee early hours of morning or just when one is about to fall asleep at night and these are not suitable times to get up and start writing about it. One can try to keep a night of the topic in a diary, which I tried doing,as a good collection of future blog post ideas but by the time I got around to them something more exciting had taken its place or I had completely forgotten about what to write.

I am yet to use the daily prompts available on the internet sites, but they never seem to have anything interesting about which i would like to write.

The other problem of writing down one’s thoughts like I am doing now is the cursed typing it all back, that chills my bones every time. To write in a journal and duplicate that for an online blog seems a tedious task. So there are a few topics lie scattered on pages of diary.

I have directly tried writing through the mobile application for blogging. Initially it seemed like a wonderful invention allowing me to blog from anywhere but soon its limitations became obvious. It may be good for a short post but there are too many limits on formatting and publishing features that goes hand in hand with it.At the most one can save a draft of the idea that has sprung to mind to be edited later and published from a laptop or PC, with a better formatting.

Of course at the very end of of writing all the above, I realize it is me who is trying to find the excuses for not writing daily but yes, there is always hope. May be next month I will take up one of the writing challenges, it just might boost my productivity on the blog.

Update: Having said that in the month of July, I did absolutely nothing in this month of August, and hence made zero contribution to the blog. And at the pace which I am going I am not sure I will make much contribution this month. But there is always hope for September.

There you go.