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Nobody likes Change and that is a fact. How well one deals with change is determined by one’s maturity, attitude, temperament or past experiences, support groups etc. But all said and done, there is no change in the one fact that no one likes change. Even if the change means better life, bigger house, better pay. We are creatures of habit just like all other animals in the world and we dislike change just like them. Of course, we adapt to new people, sometimes, even to a new family, but deep inside the truth remains – we are adapting because we are somehow left without a ‘real choice’. Given a choice, and a ‘real’ one – I mean a fair one – with no negative consequences and strings attached, we would all like to stay where we are and be the stick in the mud.

We don’t really want to be uprooted, we definitely have trouble adjusting to a place which is different and foreign to us. But we do accept change, we accept it when we do not have a choice or when the benefits seem to overpower our sense of discomfort over the change. The fact then is, that there is something of a value driven bargain that we do internally, in order to accept and hence adapt to the change in our lives.

Ask anyone, and everyone with a management ( real or imagined) will mouth that change is the only constant, yet they will sometimes, be the same individuals stuck in a corporate rut, unable to do anything or move out of it. That is I think the worst kind of hypocrisy associated with change and its acceptance.

You see most often I find, the people who are okay with change and talk about embracing it are the people who haven’t been uprooted, they are the people who have stayed in their comfort zone and not made a move. IF you asked about change to people who have actually faced and survived it, they will tell you the truth of their experience. Of course among this group of people, there are the phonies, who will pretend about how smooth their transition was, primarily owing to some great personality trait they exhibit or wads of cash they were capable of throwing around.

I have learnt, that not everyone is truthful about their experiences with change and not everyone can admit to not liking what they have had to do to adapt to change but that’s why I began by saying that deep down everyone dislikes change and that is the truth, whether you admit to it or not.




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