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… tell me, honestly, do you think love is ever a happy thing?”
… To care passionately for another human creature brings always more sorrow than joy; but all the same, one would not be without that experience. Anyone who has never really loved has never really lived.

From SAD CYPRESS by Agatha Christie

Truer words have not been spoken about LOVE.

What’s the good of life, anyway? That’s the real question. Ever read about that nice medieval invention, the Little Ease? You couldn’t stand, sit, or lie in it. You’d think anyone condemned to that would die in a few weeks. Not at all. One man lived for sixteen years in an iron cage, was released, and lived to a hearty old age.”
… “What’s the point of this story?”
… “The point is that one’s got an instinct to live. One doesn’t live because one’s reason assents to living. People who, as we say, ‘would be better dead’ don’t want to die! People who apparently have got everything to live for just let themselves fade out of life because they haven’t got the energy to fight.

From SAD CYPRESS by Agatha Christie

Life is precious and a human will cling onto his life even if he is in the worst of circumstances. The quote needs no explanation. It describes in the most common language the irony of human life. Sometimes driven to desperation a man may wish to end his torture but it is he who will fight the hardest (sometimes) to keep drawing his next breath. Life is not so easy to give up without a fight. The story of the Little Ease is what makes this quote fill with the sense of irony. It is the instinct of survival that pushes us to go on, to take another step, to open our eyes one more time, to see one more morning.

This quote always reminds me of the will and perseverance of human life and the basic instinct to survive against all odds. Somehow it makes me feel stronger whenever I read it. I hope the readers will draw their own conclusion from this and it would thrill me to know what you think. So, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



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