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I am a cat lover , doesn’t mean I am a dog hater, I like them both but I love cats. Here is an interesting bit of information I gathered while prowling on the internet.

The Indian Cat Federation has been formed to provide much needed support to the Cat owners and Breeders in India. The ICF is a National body recognized by The World Cat Federation (WCF). There are millions of Cat lovers in India and the Breeders of Pedigree Cats are growing rapidly. The role of ICF will be to increase awareness about the various aspects of Pet care for all types of Cats in the Country.

WCF has over 30 years of Experience to provide overall Cat care.
Please visit www.wcf-online.de

How about that? Isn’t it a fabulous bit of news to have for cat lovers. And what’s more there are cat shows too. In case you are in Delhi/NCR and you are a Cat Lover, check this out.


I do love cats… TIME they got a bit of the limelight.



Reference Source – Facebook

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