Ever wondered why so few people have plants in gardens or that matter balcony these days! That’s because it is bloody hard to re plant a sapling, to get the amount of soil & manure right & then fix the damned plant in the pot right in the center, as well as not too low or high. Bloody hell!
I am just saying. If anyone is worried about the Earth and vegetation etc I think the first thing they should figure out is how to make this whole business of planting saplings easier.

And I say this from the bottom of my heart if they made that easy I would plant so many trees but until then I am putting brakes on my project of gardening in pots. It is so damned difficult to to re plant saplings that you buy from nursery in to bigger pots. In fact, I shouldn’t really be ranting because it is my fault that I am seating buckets after re planting about 6 plants. I had the choice of keeping a gardener who offered me his services. I thought I would call him back but then in my infinite wisdom of a idle mind I thought how can this be a project if I wasn’t going to devote my time and attention to the process and remain involved at all level.

Blah! stupid reasoning, now I know. I am no green thumb.

There is some irony to my story, as I sat sweating buckets, having managed to re plant 4 saplings of a flowering shrub in one pot, the doorbell rang, and lo behold, it was the gardener asking whether I would retain him for his services. And yet again, I said no. And now I sit here ranting. I am not sure I have done a good job with my 6 plants and if they all die, it will be my fault alone but then, if this is to be my project , i reason with myself again, the failures will be as much mine as the successes.




“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

We all dream and as dreamers wonder whether these dreams will ever come true. Paulo Cohelo’s modern fable, as some call it, is a manifesto for today’s dreamers. If you have read this book, you know what I am talking about. This is that book which for some reason seems like the first book to tell you that you must have courage in believing in your dreams and pursuing them is part of your destiny and to deny yourself a shot at your destiny is wrong.

Like always I will not bother with the summary of the book, because it is important to read the book. However, if anyone wishes to refresh their memory here is a piece that will help.


Here is an important trivia, The Alchemist went on to sell more copies than any other book in the history of Brazil, and thus made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The book was published in Brazil in 1988, but over the years it has been translated into 61 languages. The popularity of the book extends across diverse cultural, social and religious background. That’s what makes this one of the iconic books of the 20th Century.

A lot of philosophical thought is woven within the story of The Alchemist, and as a reader I did not perhaps fully appreciate or understand them. But something very primitive yet modern is found throughout the narration, the human obsession with life, love, destiny, fate and finally dreams. Somehow, the book resonates with all the bitter truths, half truths, worries, desires, misgivings of every man and that is probably the reason it is popular across the world.

Apart from its philosophical content, I found a deep spiritual vein running through the book that attracted me to it more. Here was a modern fable containing references to philosophy and a world of spiritual pursuits and yet sometimes it seemed like a book on motivation, almost like a self help book. My reason for putting this book amidst the top 10 picks is the mixed feeling it generated in me. On one hand it was a book that spoke of great things and sometimes it made me remember badly written self help guides for students attempting competitive exams.

What remained with me even after all these years about this book is the concept of ‘personal myth’ propagated by Cohelo, the belief that we are the heroes of our own intricate tale of valor and glory and suffering, thus we must pursue what is our destiny that which we see through our dreams. This work by Cohelo always comes to mind because the way it has touched every reader with the simplicity of language and meaning with which it showcases the symbolism and spreads the words of wisdom & philosophy so easily and penetrates even the most cynical mind.

It gives hope and motivation that is much needed.


Reference Sources:, Google images for book cover.


Yes it has been over a month and I haven’t posted anything here. Why? Well, because I seem to work well under confining circumstances better and for some reason the my attention span is almost similar to a gold fish. The rate at which I get bored with something is only proportional to the rate at which I find something new to indulge in.

The result is a blog that has many categories but not enough posts to cover them all. I plan so many regular, recurring topics yet I barely manage to write for even half a month. That’s what I have noticed about my writing, ever since I took up this challenge of writing 100 posts on my blog.

There, now I have written out my confession about being a poor blogger and I feel much better.

But keeping in mind that I want my posts to follow some degree of structure in its selection of content, this post is not done yet. Let me add a few keynotes to bring you up to date with what fun things happened & I didn’t blog about them out of sheer laziness. Confession time!

The 13 things that happened while I wasn’t blogging:

1. I got a hair cut for 99 INR, can you beat that! It was cheap & fabulous.

2. I caught someone when they tried to recycle a gift to me.

3. I met up with someone who I pretty much ignored and didn’t care about during the time we actually were hanging out in the same group.

4. I was gifted a huge number of paintings by an acquaintance because apparently I seem to like painting.

5. I went on a vacation, got sick on the way & then it was all pretty much downhill from there.

6. I have been using the privacy settings on FB at maximum, weeding out the unwanted stuff on my newsfeed, its less irritating that unfriending someone and then having to re friend them or write long explanations on messenger because every body has thin skin.

7. I purposely refused to like pictures posted by some folks because it seemed entirely futile after they had about 30 odd likes withing an hour of posting that pic. I think I would like my ‘like’ to count.

8. I found out leather or faux leather does not survive 2 winters without adequate moisturizing and care. I cried.

9. I replaced my loss of the said leather product in about 24 hours. That shows how unattached I am to material things.

10. I brought back a mother load of music CD’s and DVD’s to stock up on entertainment & my broadband is making me deliriously happy as I grab more and more illegal , pirated content off the internet.

11. My pet projects seem to have grown, they extend now into pottery painting, very distinctively different from sewing, crocheting, writing blogs, reading the full Christie series. I have also plunged head first into gardening. And no I have no formal training in any of the above, except what we learnt at school. Apparently, SUPW wasn’t ‘some useful period wasted’.

12. My health seems to be on the decline, so is my patience with people who are negative, who are too full of them, who are too normal, who are pretentious, who put on too much make up, who preen in front of DSLR’s, who carry DSLR’s everywhere they go, even when out for a dinner, who think fair means rubbing a lot of light colored foundation to look white as chalk, who post pics that are copyrighted, who post statements to defend the same pics, who think they are above middle class because now they have a penthouse in a tower, who pretend to be big shots in a small far off country…. I have been advised to have some vitamin supplement and some antacid to take care of the recurring headaches. Oh and use FB filter of “I don’t want to see this’.

13. I have grown a year older, that doesn’t suck as much as it did last year. But the problem persists, I do not feel like my age, illness and creaking joints aside.

There I am all done, playing ‘catching up’, now, onward to more serious things.

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