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Ever wondered why so few people have plants in gardens or that matter balcony these days! That’s because it is bloody hard to re plant a sapling, to get the amount of soil & manure right & then fix the damned plant in the pot right in the center, as well as not too low or high. Bloody hell!
I am just saying. If anyone is worried about the Earth and vegetation etc I think the first thing they should figure out is how to make this whole business of planting saplings easier.

And I say this from the bottom of my heart if they made that easy I would plant so many trees but until then I am putting brakes on my project of gardening in pots. It is so damned difficult to to re plant saplings that you buy from nursery in to bigger pots. In fact, I shouldn’t really be ranting because it is my fault that I am seating buckets after re planting about 6 plants. I had the choice of keeping a gardener who offered me his services. I thought I would call him back but then in my infinite wisdom of a idle mind I thought how can this be a project if I wasn’t going to devote my time and attention to the process and remain involved at all level.

Blah! stupid reasoning, now I know. I am no green thumb.

There is some irony to my story, as I sat sweating buckets, having managed to re plant 4 saplings of a flowering shrub in one pot, the doorbell rang, and lo behold, it was the gardener asking whether I would retain him for his services. And yet again, I said no. And now I sit here ranting. I am not sure I have done a good job with my 6 plants and if they all die, it will be my fault alone but then, if this is to be my project , i reason with myself again, the failures will be as much mine as the successes.



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