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When you start the day on a positive note there is always a possibility that the day will have a positive outcome. Life has too many occasions to turn that smile into a frown but what makes life worth living is looking out, taking a deep breathe and observing life instead of concentrating on the self. A long time ago a friend with a philosophical bent of mind had said that what is happening to us is that we looking inwards and concentrating on the self, on the losses,  gains and unfulfilled desires. Instead if we were to look beyond us to observe the world we would find calmness and reduce questioning our self worth.
So yesterday morning when i was stressing out about a tough day and a few other commitments pressing on my   time, i decided to look outside observed the world around me. The people commuting to office,  the harried folks rushing in and out of Metro station,  the relaxed students chattering with friends… Suddenly there was a calm that i felt descend on me. The usual carpool was late which meant i could take the earliest Metro, that made sure i reached office on time and by then i had planned my day. I knew i would complete my work on time and leave on time to keep my other commitments. I couldn’t help feel thankful for the day, it was a perfect example of whatever happens is for your own good. A thought i believe in and always find to be true when i stop, observe and look at my life from a different perspective,  through a positive lens,  without judgement,  without letting negativity fill my mind.
I don’t know whether such things are only tricks of mind but another day passed in this city and it wasn’t so bad.  It was okay. That gives me hope.


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