Day 1 for me on NaBloPoMo

Would you ever want to be on the front lines, reporting from a conflict? Why or why not?

I have often been inspired by movies that depict the armed forces whether it is of my own country or USA, given my attraction towards motion pictures from Hollywood. But I have never really found myself imagining about a situation where I am part of this conflict. When I think about the war coverage by Barkha Dutt, our very own frontline journalist of India, who covered the Kargil war and it made her a household name in the country, I am impressed, I feel proud, yet I somehow don’t see myself in her shoes.

The fear of death is a big part of my psyche and the awareness that I am afraid of it is distinctly there and hence, i can put my hand on my heart and vouch that I lack the courage as well as the conviction to put myself in a perilous situation that endangers my well being.

Which brings me to the point that had I been a journalist i would have been more attuned to entertainment and sports rather than finance or current affairs primarily because I have the self image of being a creative individual. We all have our little ideas about ourselves and we enjoy feeling all knowing about our self worth. But who knows may be I would have done war reporting too had it come my way but yes consciously I donot think I would have chosen it.


New Directions

My attempt at regular blogging has taken a toll and hence I have decided to take the help of daily prompts. I have been intrigued by the NaBloPoMo prompts for a long time and although this is the middle of the month and I am not sure how I will continue to write everyday whilst play acting in the drama calledĀ my life. I am making the beginning today and hoping the prompts will get the creative juices flowing. Again this is also a new direction to my blog which has till date not really been about everyday life or opinions only. I have tried my best to steer clear of random babbling. I have wanted my blog to not become a mundane everyday venting outlet and keeping with that thought these out of the box prompts fromĀ NaBloPoMo will help me tap into yet untrodden paths in new directions.


Only One Hour to Live

If you had only one hour to live, what would you do? Would you not arrange what is necessary outwardly, your affairs, your will, and so on? Would you not call your family and friends together and ask their forgiveness for the harm that you might have done to them, and forgive them for whatever harm they might have done to you? Would you not die completely to the things of the mind, to desires and to the world? And if it can be done for an hour, then it can also be done for the days and years that may remain. Try it and you will find out.

– J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life