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Day 1 for me on NaBloPoMo

Would you ever want to be on the front lines, reporting from a conflict? Why or why not?

I have often been inspired by movies that depict the armed forces whether it is of my own country or USA, given my attraction towards motion pictures from Hollywood. But I have never really found myself imagining about a situation where I am part of this conflict. When I think about the war coverage by Barkha Dutt, our very own frontline journalist of India, who covered the Kargil war and it made her a household name in the country, I am impressed, I feel proud, yet I somehow don’t see myself in her shoes.

The fear of death is a big part of my psyche and the awareness that I am afraid of it is distinctly there and hence, i can put my hand on my heart and vouch that I lack the courage as well as the conviction to put myself in a perilous situation that endangers my well being.

Which brings me to the point that had I been a journalist i would have been more attuned to entertainment and sports rather than finance or current affairs primarily because I have the self image of being a creative individual. We all have our little ideas about ourselves and we enjoy feeling all knowing about our self worth. But who knows may be I would have done war reporting too had it come my way but yes consciously I donot think I would have chosen it.



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