Day 3 on NaBloPoMo

Have there been events when you’ve turned to social media over traditional media or vice versa?

I remember the time when we were young and there would be a General Election everyone at home would sit around glued to the Telly and tuned into the news channel. This time around during the state assembly election I found it hard to depend on the social media to understand the exit polls and once the final results were being declared I missed watching the scrolling bar at the bottom of the Telly announcing the numbers. The attraction of social media is great especially because of its convenience but there are times when I would rather watch the news channel or for that matter tune into the radio than be online.

A few days ago I had a similar experience again while the cricket world cup was on. I was at work and the only thing I could access was a smart phone app that gave live commentary of the game and it was one of the worst experiences I have had. It ruined my enjoyment of the game and at the end of it I felt it would have been better had I not checked the scores at all. Even being on Twitter or any other social media during Oscar night was excruciating while I sat working at office. You could see all the glimpses but some how it left one dissatisfied and irritated.

I somehow feel post these three experiences that somethings are better enjoyed on traditional media like the Telly especially when it is a Live Event rather than on social media.