How do you determine what is worth reporting from your life since not every moment of your day ends up on your blog?

There was a time when all I could do was talk about what was happening in my life on my blog. I had the pseudo celebrity status of being a young blogger with a fair bit of fan following who massaged my already inflated ego and hence day after day and week after week I would write about my life on a MS Word document save it on a floppy disk and carry it over to the Internet cafe and upload my heart’s outpouring. Being a literature student gave me enough edge in terms of language skills to write without thinking too much. So there I was writing more and more and as time flew by I saw the silliness in my teenage rants that filled up my other blogs. Yes, I have had many blogs of many variety and I dabbled in everything mundane and exotic.

But over the years I have come to realize the significance of how scary the internet really is.and the fact that I was revealing a lot of my private life online meant I was under threat from stalkers and other harmful elements prowling the web. That’s when I stopped doing this. I stopped sharing my life.

When I was not aware of the troubles that l may have faced on the web, I shared small things about day to day life, what I ate, what I shopped, what i read and who I met, mostly I was obsessed with things related to life, love and friendship. I would also talk about the sorrows, the troubles, the heartbreaks I faced in those years. The decision to share stemmed from a need to be true and honest and not pretend or be a hypocrite. If I was sharing the good things in life, like achievements and accolades it only seemed fair that I should share the disappointments too. That’s what my young mind told me.

Of course many years have passed since then and I have come away from the need to document each and every day of life on a blog or a journal. That has helped me distance myself from the everyday happenings and look at my life differently from a point of an observer and not get so closely involved in the bits a pieces that make up the day to day experiences. The two different kind of decisions to share and not to share my life have come to me with age and maturity and that is what has been the learning and understanding as a blogger.

I don’t think as a journalist, I would not share all my life events, perhaps a few exceptional events that changed my life or impacted my life. It really depends on what I feel will impact the reader and will have an universal appeal.