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Well, I have reached the seventieth post with some attempt to follow the daily prompt from NaBloPoMo, but that source of idea generation dried up my writing completely. I realized it was not that I didn’t have ideas to write about, I just didn’t have the time to pen down or in this case type the words and thoughts. So,  out goes the very inspiring daily prompts. It couldn’t keep me hooked onto my blog but that was not because they lacked something. It was just not my cup of tea. My self image has been that of free independent mind that follows whims and fancies, the rebel without a cause and all that. So, writing within strict boundaries wasn’t my thing. I must admit here that even before I started using the daily prompts I had been sceptical about my productivity from them. My fears have been proven right.
But this has done something else for me, it has made realise for the need to blog on the go. So I opened my wordpress app and I am typing away happily. I think the primary cause of staying away from the blog was not managing my time and not drafting a post when the idea sprang up in my head. So, now that I am in the home stretch for that elusive 100th post I hope to push myself harder. I must mention here that I am particularly impressed by a fellow blogger who has been showing wonderful discipline pushing herself to post one blog write up a day. I AM TRULY FEELING INSPIRED.
Today has been one of those days when I have had a chance to make a mental note of few things I would like to talk about. To begin the attempt at making it to the hundredth post I thought I will add my two cents to the net neutrality debate raging in the social media and the internet. From the time the news broke about Airtel launching its Airtel Zero service I was taken aback by the lame attempt by the stagnant telecom industry to open new revenue options. If this is what they are paying their thinktank to come up with then there is a major lack of entrepreneurial acumen. What makes the debate critical is the Government suddenly becoming involved in this. Where does the governing body stand? In the aftermath of the 3g and 2g scams the question becomes even more paramount and everything comes under the darkness of suspicion. To add fuel to fire Mark Zuckerberg decides to make his pitch of internetdotorg because he wants to bring the world wide web to the remotest part of India and give free access to some websites and of course Facebook to the rural population.
In the day and age where I find every one from my maid, my autowala, my milkman and the local kirana shop owner in whatsapp I am not surprised that telecom service providers are wanting an unfair share of the pie from a viber or a whatsapp or a skype. Here are the same people who touted their fast 3g and laughable 4g network for video calls through third party apps but of course now they want to bill the consumer or the company for the voice call or the messages sent because their sms and call packs are no longer bringing in profit, partly because the price undercutting they have indulged in.
Facebook and Zuckerberg have their own agenda, they want to get more people on their platform where Facebook becomes synonymous to the internet. That’s always been the business strategy of Mark Zuckerberg, whatever else he may be he is to begin with an entrepreneur who is out to make profit. So,  the forced download of the ridiculous app that is facebook messenger as a competition to free messaging apps like hike, whatsapp and viber.
What irritated me was his sad attempt to defend his position by touting the poverty stricken developing country which needs his great benevolence to step out of ignorance to the light of knowledge. Mark Zuckerberg has been doing much good work but I am afraid he has developed a God complex or at least sounds like that in his little condescending speech that keeps popping up as a sponsored link when I log onto Facebook. What’s worse they have a Hindi translation too! Their audacity is astonishing.
I enjoyed reading the comments on his original post on Facebook,  Indians spoke from a logical point and perspective questioning his veiled attempt to pass off a social media platform as the alternative to the real treasure trove of information that is the Internet. The supporters of Mark prett much told Indians to shut up and accept the benevolent offering and say Thank you or just get lost. Our south asians neighbours begged Mr. Zuckerberg to visit their country and give them free internet too. I have a strong feeling the common Indian shall also be taken by that pitch, the ‘free’  stuff. But is it really free, is it not like being told change the God you worship and I shall grant you freedom, cure, benefits etc. Yes, I fear this is what’s going to happen.
Whatever Mr. Zuckerberg has planned, I am wearily watching the news, afraid that I may wake up to a day when I may have to make a premium payment for writing a blog post.

#netneutrality #savetheinternet


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