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My love for easy reads borders on obsession. After I have made that statement I need to explain what are these easy reads. I am a self professed bibliophile which means on a day off from work I would rather sit and read than go out. But my favourite kind of books are the “unputdownables”, where one chases the story across the pages, turning each page in anticipation of what will happen next. Hence it is obvious why I term them “easy reads”,  because I don’t have to make any effort to read then, they pull me into their world and I make the journey. The other  reason I like such books is one you don’t have to take a break from reading to process a lot,  meaning the story can be grasped without getting lost in myriad sub plots and it contains such dialogue or description or action that takes the story forward in a natural progression instead of stagnating it.
So, I love my Foresyth, Ludlum of the old school and Archer of the new. Typically, I find my choices of leisure reading to gravitate towards crime fiction, humour,  adventure or spy thrillers. I find Agatha Christie, Satyajit Ray’s Feluda,  Shorodindu’s Byomkesh good to read in crime fiction. The catch is although I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes the character, I find the books a little tedious to read. In fact,  with my love for crime fiction so apparent to me I attempted to read the Oxford Book of American Detective Stories. I am still struggling with it. One reason could be because an collection like this has a variety of writing which means one has to constantly reset one’s mind before starting a new story. And because these are primarily short stories it is even difficult to leave them in the middle which can happen as I also read when I commute to work.
In the midst of my struggle with detective stories I picked up the new Jeffrey Archer, the fourth part of the Clifton Chronicles. One of my pet peeves about book or movie or TV  series is when the next book,  movie or season of the series is about to release I must recap the previous parts before I catch up with the new one. So, Archer’s new book led me back to his previous three best sellers. And I went through his new book in about 16 hours. That’s what has got me thinking, it is not so much that I have become busy and have less time to read, but it seems to me my addiction to easy reads has taken its toll on my ability to read other books and naturally I gravitate towards them instead of attempting to read something new or different. I believe my concentration levels are dipping because I find myself retaining less and less of what I read.
But as they say having a realisation is a good place to start with. Hence, I am looking to build back my ability to read and process variety of writings. But in the meantime I am very tempted to go back to Byomkesh series one more time. Perhaps, my worrying about my reading ability need not be so critical because after all classics and bestsellers are meant to have mass appeal and bring back the reader to the familiar story and characters over and over again.
Here’s to reading books without judgement and enjoying the experience.

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