India lost the cricket world cup and suddenly everyone was clamoring for Virat Kohli’s head.
Nope, you didn’t really believe that did you. If you follow trending topics on social media and if that can be considered the reflection of general public opinion then we the public were not really interested in statistics, law of averages,  other logical arguments, we were busy being sexist and juvenile, we were busy and happy to blame this lady called Anushka Sharma for the loss. In case you are confused about which team I am referring to,  don’t be,  because yes it is the Men’s cricket team I am talking about. So, where does this lady pop up from. Well, she happened to hop on a flight from India and turned up to watch the semi final match of India. And India lost. So, it is her fault. Why you ask? Oh that’s the simplest logic, she is the girl friend if Virat and the moment he saw her in the stadium he forgot that it was the world cup semi final and got out cheaply. The rest of his team members struggled too. But who cares,  its not as if their girl friends were there watching the match at the stadium. This one was and even reacted when Virat got out. Oh did I mention this lady does some movies in Bollywood. So, most people know her not just as Kohli’s girl friend in fact it wouldn’t be wrong to say, Kohli is Anushka’s boy friend. But it doesn’t suit our sexist attitude. So we will stick to blame the girl who we recognize and not the girls who are not as famous as their cricketer boy friends… Or the wives,  oh no no.. Wives are the sacred cows one cannot touch. The cheap lil piece of trash who gets seen with Kohli at airports and obviously is sleeping with him is fair game.
That’s what we were thinking when we attacked her, and we know it and you know what we will never admit it.
The saddest part sexist men were joined by their jealous women to gang up against the girl who probably got to hug Kohli after the team lost. Oh didn’t you think that? She probably got a hug back and some romantic sweet nothings after your horrid tweets and Arnab Goswami’s mad ranting left her sad.
So you do realize now nothing you say, however cruel and crude your words, you can’t really touch them. Hope you feel better now.
Good luck for next time… You get to take out your personal frustrations out over a professional sporting event against a person who has absolutely no connection with the result or outcome of the event.


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