It has been long since I have logged on an written a post. I deluded myself into believing that I could log in while at work and type a post. While I am doing that right now, the fact is after the initial period of honeymooning at work it does get difficult to extricate one’s mind from the rigors of everyday struggle at the workplace and compose anything that is remotely interesting enough to publish, Whatever spins out of my mind is usually a lot of cribbing. I am not saying I mind reading other people cribbing. I do only if they are humorous pieces but I am not so good at that kind of writing.

But the reason I return to the blog is I have a lot of thoughts piling up in my mind which need to be aired. It is much easier to air them on a facebook post but somehow I feel a little indulgent today.

I watched the now gone viral Ahalya short film by Sujoy Ghosh. I am impressed. I am not going to say I am floored becasue I realized the significance of the initial scenes because I am aware of the mythological story of Ahalya. That did not take much away from the sense of chill running down my spine at the end of the film where the mystery is solved and the audience is left slightly wide eyes and perhaps a little open mouthed and gaping.

I know many will gush over the character of Radhika Apte, but for me Soumitra’s character Mr. Sadhu ( a brilliant piece of work in using the Names of the character to set the story in the backdrop of the mythology) stands out. He really the all knowing sage, he is aware of what is going to happen before it happens. He is able to steer the unsuspecting fly┬áinto the spider’s web. Mind you the spider here is not Ahalya, the spider is Mr. Sadhu using his knowledge to obtain the flies to satisfy his ‘better half’ and keep his artistic ventures going.

It is difficult not to get swayed into writing spoilers.

For me the screenplay, acting and cinematography has been near perfection. Given that this video has gone viral ( sometimes for the wrong reason like the sexy Ms. Apte) nonetheless, my initial fear of loss of the subtexts and meanings with the use of subtitles has been ill found and I am glad.

I am currently basking in that regional glory of being a Bengali. Oh yeah. I said that.

In the meantime in case you haven’t watched it, please go ahead and do so. You won’t regret spending 29 MB and 14 mins.