They hailed it as a box office success and almost at once everyone forgot that the star of the movie had stood trial for manslaughter and had been acquitted with a slap on the wrist after a decade of heel dragging by the Indian judiciary system. Yes I am referring to Bajrangi Bhaijan. My initial reaction had been to avoid watching it at all costs as a protest. However I finally had to watch it just to see why were people losing their minds and opening up their tear ducts to this stellar performance by an actor who can barely act.
So there I was sitting in front of the screen with a not so open mind. I was instantly amazed at the sad attempt to manipulate the audience with the deaf and dumb cute girl who strangely hasn’t been taught to read and write. Even strange is the introduction of Sallu Bhai as a Selfie taking ( why on earth do we need a silly song sequence) RSS cadet. Was it to make him seem like the strong Hindutva driven man and hence his complete 360 degree turn into a soft and mushy humanitarian just because the girl got duped and taken to a brothel? Oh the Sallu bhai in his perfect tear jerk avatar as the saviour , the brother,  the man.
I could not make head or tale of the reason why there was a back story and a love interest for Sallu bhai. Does Sallu bhai need a heroine? What was the need to cast a Kareena in that role? This could have yet another big break from some starry eyes Aishwarya look a like. But we got Kareena instead to increase the star value of the movie.  And her choice of movies of late have left me questioning her ability to really compete with the likes of Deepika who can definitely choose better. So they add a heroine who has about 5 scenes in total because bollywood masala movie needs a hero and heroine it cannot do with only a good guy and cute little girl story. The character of the heroine despite being a teacher seems completely bedazzled why thr wonderful mediocrity and stupidity of the man. He who must make some money and rent a house that is the pre condition set by the girl’s father to be allowed to marry. What utter nonsense is that. Is this even practical?

Of course bhai meets the cute little girl and all senses go out the window instead of taking her to a police station  he gives her shelter next comes the revelation that she is Pakistani and the sudden change in fortunes. The movie bow moves to bhai’s attempt to get into Pakistan without a Visa. Absolutely mindlessness follows after this. Add a Nawazuddin in a funny role, a few police men chasing them around. By this time you know as viewer that the denouement is merely delayed and the last drop of tear need to be extracted from you. Hence there is the much awaited reunion followed by an intense anti climax where you almost believe that the movie will redeem itself by showcasing the conclusion of this foolhardy yet heroic mission with a sacrifice. But no Sallu Bhai has never had the courage to breathe his last. I am not a movie buff correct me if I am wrong. Many stars have taken the plunge some early in their career some later to die a sudden death or one which is heroic. But no how can it be a Sallu bhai movie if the director doesn’t pull out all stops. So the Indian and thr Pakistanis gather at an unknown border and watch the release and crossover of Bhai and Lo behold his fiance and family are in attendance almost immediately  ( no planning required) and so does the girl and her parents . Makes me wonder that if the girl’s home was this near to the border of India why on earth di everyone travel. Days and weeks to reach the remote mountains! Anyway logic was never the strong point of the movie. What bewilders  me is at this opportune moment then dumb girl finds her voice just like that, right that moment,  without any medical intervention.
It is a terrible truth that we make bad movies but the fact that everyone is taken in by such movies makes it worse. The fact that everywhere I go I hear people who I consider to be above average intelligence wax eloquent about the powerhouse performance of Sallu and the innocent naturalness of the girl, it makes me sad. I would like to say it gags me to see people being manipulated to easily.
I have nothing against the hold actor. Bravo to her for putting up the ridiculous performance. She was a good instrument in the hand of the director.  But what about Salman Khan. This is same man who has murdered another man yet we all forgot about it and bought tickets for the show and made him even more money. Why are we so pathetic? Why can’t we be furious why doesn’t a mob burn his effigy or rip his posters or boycott his movies? Because he is a movie star because we don’t care because it want someone important who does because how does it matter so many years later because not watching this movie will not punish him.
Will not watching the movie at least leave you with some morality and principle?
May be I am the fool in all of this.



Coming back to the blog is an intensely gratifying feeling with an immediate uplifted spirit. The moment one sees the thoughts published there is a longing to write more. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately to understand the new trends in writing style and I realize I have become outdated. Today is the day of large glossy pics taken on dslr camera and few words with no depth. The blogs rarely have gripping content. I don’t necessarily need my blogs to be intense or about topics that make me think but at least I would prefer some form of decent writing with no spelling mistakes or typos. I am astonished to see well known publications posting write ups which haven’t been passed through a spell check. That’s the least one can do. I am also overwhelmed at the lack of content in most stories I read. Even if it is an opinion piece there should be some attempt to give the reader a background. Then there are the entertainment blogs that make a story out of one word or one sentence spoke  by some celebrity. So I get duped by a writer to invest my time on a story titled My auto ride with SRK ease turns out it’s some random write up about her riding an auto with a driver whose name is Shahrukh. 
One understands the need to sell the writing but the heights of misleading titles to stories really make me upset. I find such stories doing the rounds on popular blogs and they also get picked up by media pages and reposted. Oh yeah how can I forget the repost hash tag. For some reason reposting the same blog post again and again in something of a fad. Apart from the write ups what haunts me are the terrible comments. The comment section  it seems is a minefield not of opinions but personal abuses and judgements. It is thr age of anonymity on social media that let’s people get away with abusing someone sitting behind a laptop screen and keyboard. It hurts me to see the terrible things people write. I am glad sometimes that this blog is not read by many and it is not so public to invite bitter negative criticism. But what bothers me in the same time is may be this blog does not contain anything of such controversial nature that it gets under the skin of the reader to want to make them comment or argue. It is difficult to write controversial things probably because as an individual I am not someone who believes in confrontation. I know a fellow blogger and a friend who can write about mundane things and bitch about life and people and she makes me feel so connected with the content of the blog yet I have chosen to move away from the personal discussion or references to personal life in my blog. That is why this blog was to be a new beginning or a new experiment with my writing abilities. I am not sure it has been going well.
When I see other blogs I find them colorful with pictures and links. Sometimes with audio or video files embedded and I look back at my sad blog and wonder is this what I started out to do when I began writing again. Was I trying to run away from the way I write? May be I was. I did that and now I don’t want to run away from that decision. Personal blogs are easy the I ,me and myself variety yet these few blog posts left , 21 of them exactly, I would like to use them to complete the experiment.
The basic premise of a blog is share one’s life and opinion hence I wonder whether I can court a bit of controversy by seeking out topics which can get under the skin of a reader. I have a few thoughts in my mind. So may be in the next few posts just to rile up few of you I may talk about the beef ban, bajrangi bhaijan,  Sallu bhai the murderer and then may be I will have some controversy.



TV show addicts know what it is to binge watch seasons of your favorite show, But to watch a new series a difficult emotional moment, where you worry about getting too invested into the story in the sheer fear that the series may not be renewed. With such thoughts in my mind I watched the first few episodes of THE LAST SHIP and I haven’t stopped watching since the last weekend.

The basic premise of the series is that after a global viral pandemic¬†wipes out over 80% of the world’s population, the crew of US Navy destroyer called USS¬†Nathan James has the scientists and a lab and a mission to find a cure, stop the virus, and save humanity.

The surprise element of the series is the fact that although the premise is simple the story spins itself brilliantly and the plot thickens. Each episode leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat and till you have watched the next episode you are in agony of ignorance about the fate of the characters. Strangely the character sketches are pretty thin hence the attachment does not form with any particular character. In hindsight probably that is a good thing. The story is the real hero of the series and pulls you forward without the need for the viewer to be too invested into the plots and sub plots. Initially the viewer may wonder how this series will complete 12 episodes in a season at the pace in which the story is told however, we are mildly surprised when interesting sub plots are launched. However, one also realises that the hopelessness is replaced with more practical and realistic problems which are encountered by the crew and captain of the USS Nathan James.

The character of Captain Tom Chandler is played by Eric Dane. Does any one rememeber Mcsteamy from Grey’s Anatomy? If you do, you should watch this series where I realized that McSteamy can act too and can be an eyefull even in the standard issue blue uniform of US Navy.

What I found interesting about the handling of the story and the characters is the fact, the plot doesn’t let the viewer get too attached with any character, every episode someone or the other is killed off. The series does not shy away from killing of important characters. It is tad bit difficult to write about this series without giving out spoilers. But I can say this is one of the best series in a long time.

This show is from the TNT network and Michael Bay is the Executive Producer for it. In fact, the series has a rating of above 7 on IMDB and TV.com.

The intense drama of the show and high speed action keeps the viewer hooked episode after episode and I am just dying to get back to it as I type this. The series started in 2014 and has run successfully for 2 seasons. The third season is expected in the second half of 2016. I am already excited about it.



The last mile is the longest, similarly the last leg of this 100 days of scribbling seems to have been the toughest, The mind and heart have struggled to put together a coherent post worthy to be added to the blog. It has failed. So, the seventy seventh post comes after a gap of many months. With so much happening all around the mind can only assimilate a little. The entire world seems to have turned on it self. I was shaken out of my stupor by a few words I heard yesterday while watching a TV Series called “The Last Ship”. In the post apocalyptic Earth, people haven’t changed, people have not stopped killing, people still kill in the name of their belief. That shook me to the core. It reminded me the more we change the more we remain the same.

What astonishes me is the capacity of violence humans show! There is no wrong that a human will not do, no boundary he will not cross. So, we can murder our children or parents, kill for money or property, lynch for suspicion over eating certain kind of meat. It is truly crazy when you find Lalu Prasad also making sense. He says Hindus eat beef too so why make is communal issue. You want to repeat these words to anyone who will listen. Yes, what’s the big deal if someone eats beef, what is the big deal as long as you are not being forced to eat it. They are not coming to your house and cooking it in your kitchen, then why is it bothering you. If you say it is because I am performing some religious ritual and the awareness that someone is doing something which I don’t like makes me angry , so angry that I am willing to kill then you need a psychologist. But can we send a mob to a psychologist. Why do human beings kick and hurt animals? That’s simply because they can’t fight back or perhaps because they can’t abuse in our language. That’s what humans are like, they would rather kill a living man than live with the fact that a cow may have been slaughtered. What utter illogical thought process!

How do you punish these people? Do you throw them in jail? Is that the solution? Does it bring back a dead man?

Yet we must go around banning meat, porn and what not. But we shall not ban Gutka, cigarette or tobacco. We will ban diesel cabs in Delhi city but let vehicles spewing toxic gases belonging to Delhi Jal Board or other state government department run amok. We will not have enough CNG filling stations but will insist on all cars to be converted to CNG. We make such funny ass demands and make laws and pass resolutions without any attempt to plan ahead or have solutions ready to avoid bottlenecks. We are unable to resolve basic traffic issues, no metered auto and illegal parking yet we direct people to have car free Tuesdays. And do not mistake these “we” are not the government. They are us. They are we. There is no difference. We are all the same.

We are just bad people, with no emotions, no morality, no basic sense of kinship, given a chance we will kill the next guy just for fun. That’s what basic human nature is. It’s not animal instinct. It’s human instinct. It is just sad.

We will continue to degrade and feel mighty at the same time because we create our own self delusion and live in it.

We will ban everything and break everything till there is nothing left and there is an apocalypse, And after that?

And after that we will rebuild it all and begin the process of corrupting all that is good and breaking down things.