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The last mile is the longest, similarly the last leg of this 100 days of scribbling seems to have been the toughest, The mind and heart have struggled to put together a coherent post worthy to be added to the blog. It has failed. So, the seventy seventh post comes after a gap of many months. With so much happening all around the mind can only assimilate a little. The entire world seems to have turned on it self. I was shaken out of my stupor by a few words I heard yesterday while watching a TV Series called “The Last Ship”. In the post apocalyptic Earth, people haven’t changed, people have not stopped killing, people still kill in the name of their belief. That shook me to the core. It reminded me the more we change the more we remain the same.

What astonishes me is the capacity of violence humans show! There is no wrong that a human will not do, no boundary he will not cross. So, we can murder our children or parents, kill for money or property, lynch for suspicion over eating certain kind of meat. It is truly crazy when you find Lalu Prasad also making sense. He says Hindus eat beef too so why make is communal issue. You want to repeat these words to anyone who will listen. Yes, what’s the big deal if someone eats beef, what is the big deal as long as you are not being forced to eat it. They are not coming to your house and cooking it in your kitchen, then why is it bothering you. If you say it is because I am performing some religious ritual and the awareness that someone is doing something which I don’t like makes me angry , so angry that I am willing to kill then you need a psychologist. But can we send a mob to a psychologist. Why do human beings kick and hurt animals? That’s simply because they can’t fight back or perhaps because they can’t abuse in our language. That’s what humans are like, they would rather kill a living man than live with the fact that a cow may have been slaughtered. What utter illogical thought process!

How do you punish these people? Do you throw them in jail? Is that the solution? Does it bring back a dead man?

Yet we must go around banning meat, porn and what not. But we shall not ban Gutka, cigarette or tobacco. We will ban diesel cabs in Delhi city but let vehicles spewing toxic gases belonging to Delhi Jal Board or other state government department run amok. We will not have enough CNG filling stations but will insist on all cars to be converted to CNG. We make such funny ass demands and make laws and pass resolutions without any attempt to plan ahead or have solutions ready to avoid bottlenecks. We are unable to resolve basic traffic issues, no metered auto and illegal parking yet we direct people to have car free Tuesdays. And do not mistake these “we” are not the government. They are us. They are we. There is no difference. We are all the same.

We are just bad people, with no emotions, no morality, no basic sense of kinship, given a chance we will kill the next guy just for fun. That’s what basic human nature is. It’s not animal instinct. It’s human instinct. It is just sad.

We will continue to degrade and feel mighty at the same time because we create our own self delusion and live in it.

We will ban everything and break everything till there is nothing left and there is an apocalypse, And after that?

And after that we will rebuild it all and begin the process of corrupting all that is good and breaking down things.



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