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Coming back to the blog is an intensely gratifying feeling with an immediate uplifted spirit. The moment one sees the thoughts published there is a longing to write more. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately to understand the new trends in writing style and I realize I have become outdated. Today is the day of large glossy pics taken on dslr camera and few words with no depth. The blogs rarely have gripping content. I don’t necessarily need my blogs to be intense or about topics that make me think but at least I would prefer some form of decent writing with no spelling mistakes or typos. I am astonished to see well known publications posting write ups which haven’t been passed through a spell check. That’s the least one can do. I am also overwhelmed at the lack of content in most stories I read. Even if it is an opinion piece there should be some attempt to give the reader a background. Then there are the entertainment blogs that make a story out of one word or one sentence spoke  by some celebrity. So I get duped by a writer to invest my time on a story titled My auto ride with SRK ease turns out it’s some random write up about her riding an auto with a driver whose name is Shahrukh. 
One understands the need to sell the writing but the heights of misleading titles to stories really make me upset. I find such stories doing the rounds on popular blogs and they also get picked up by media pages and reposted. Oh yeah how can I forget the repost hash tag. For some reason reposting the same blog post again and again in something of a fad. Apart from the write ups what haunts me are the terrible comments. The comment section  it seems is a minefield not of opinions but personal abuses and judgements. It is thr age of anonymity on social media that let’s people get away with abusing someone sitting behind a laptop screen and keyboard. It hurts me to see the terrible things people write. I am glad sometimes that this blog is not read by many and it is not so public to invite bitter negative criticism. But what bothers me in the same time is may be this blog does not contain anything of such controversial nature that it gets under the skin of the reader to want to make them comment or argue. It is difficult to write controversial things probably because as an individual I am not someone who believes in confrontation. I know a fellow blogger and a friend who can write about mundane things and bitch about life and people and she makes me feel so connected with the content of the blog yet I have chosen to move away from the personal discussion or references to personal life in my blog. That is why this blog was to be a new beginning or a new experiment with my writing abilities. I am not sure it has been going well.
When I see other blogs I find them colorful with pictures and links. Sometimes with audio or video files embedded and I look back at my sad blog and wonder is this what I started out to do when I began writing again. Was I trying to run away from the way I write? May be I was. I did that and now I don’t want to run away from that decision. Personal blogs are easy the I ,me and myself variety yet these few blog posts left , 21 of them exactly, I would like to use them to complete the experiment.
The basic premise of a blog is share one’s life and opinion hence I wonder whether I can court a bit of controversy by seeking out topics which can get under the skin of a reader. I have a few thoughts in my mind. So may be in the next few posts just to rile up few of you I may talk about the beef ban, bajrangi bhaijan,  Sallu bhai the murderer and then may be I will have some controversy.



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