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Call me a bitch if you will. But frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. Yes that’s my attitude to what most people portray as sympathy. They think it their duty to stand and pooh pooh or aww aww regarding the sad events happening to other folks but do they care an ounce? I am not sure how I can explain the disgust I feel towards such people who think it’s perfectly fine to visit a person who is ill at their home and expect even ask to be served coffee/ tea or snacks. Sometimes making a day out for themselves by staying over for lunch or dinner. Yes you read that right. Some folks actually do this. It may come as a surprise to us but I have been at the receiving end of such behaviour enough number of times to recognise the pattern.  Hence I avoid such folks like plague. Insisting that we are too busy to entertain them but there have have been cases where folks despite enough attempts to dissuade their eagerness have not taken a hint and turned up at the door. But those stories are long and uneventful because I did not have any rat poison to add to their cup of tea.
Recently I found myself audience to another form of over indulgence in sympathy. So there is this long lost acquaintance who you barely talk to except for browsing through an update on Facebook or responding to a comment with a emoji. And one fine morning you read that the person in question is hospitalised in your city. You rush down there and find out what is happening and check if you can be of any help and after the appropriate amount of time you return leaving your number with the family in case they need any help.
But if this was the only story then why am I writing a blog post. The sympathiser in question however decided to spent close to 2 hours morning and evening at the hospital and finally decides to bring one of the relatives over to stay at home because staying at the hospital is so difficult. Pray tell me what is being achieved by this?
And for heaven sake who does that? You good folks will tell me that a person with a good heart does this. I tell you that only an idiot who has nothing better to do with his time does this.
Can we all be a little more sensible about how sympathetic we are or what we show as our sympathy? Our over indulgence into showing our sympathy can become a complete disgusting experience for the on lookers. Trust me no body likes to see this. No body.


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