Just when you have thought you are like everyone else,

Just when you thought your life was no longer like a story book,

That’s when someone walks into your life

And plants a sweet kiss on your lips.


And you are transported back to the bygone times …

To the time of holding hands

Or simply sitting on by the lake and gazing into the distance,

To the moment when everything was new.

Every touch a shower of spark

Every kiss a sweet smile spreading across lips.


There you are twenty something staring at the guy who makes you heart summersault

Watching him from the cornor of your eyes across the classroom.

Blushing when you stepped into the elevator alone.

Rolling your eyes at friends giggling around him.


Those were the days as they say of biting nails and telling tales.

The pages of journal falling short of counteless thoughts

Spilling over unbidden.

Of spontaneous outpouring of emotions.


And suddenly as this thirty something looks back on her silly growing up years
They don’t seem silly anymore.
And there I am grinning foolishly while those sexy songs play
And there I am pacing across the floor as I try to bid my heart from racing
And there I am going through the warm melted moments
And the blue duvet and the boy who owned it aren’t so horrible
And the long drives and 2 AM calls not lost time
And the Cricket World cup and midnight making out in the car,
As the world cheered the country, don’t hurt anymore.

And just like that, an exasperating guy lifts your souls biggest burden 
Frees you from the shackles of the past. 

Past that need not remain buried now.

Past that need not be regretted

Past that had so much beauty and grace,
Thrill and Passion .

Ah ! Yes, Passion.
Today is the day I’ve been Discovered!!