‚ÄčAll I feel is anger and distrust

All I wanted was to feel your sweet kiss.
Life plays a cruel joke
And you are not laughing.
But I smile and speak in a snake tongue
To hear lashing words whip me around.

I lie down in my bed.
Into a dreamless sleep.
I am right here beside you
And the distance between us is just like when we met six months ago.

There you are just beside me
If I wanted to I could touch you
But i don’t want to hold those rough hands
Feel them scrape against my skin making mine feel like silk.
But I don’t want to feel those heavy arms around my waist
As they pull me close into a warm enbrace.
But I don’t want to taste that sweet breath
Which you nonchalantly explain as just beer and smokes.
But I don’t want to look into those dark pools in your eyes
Where all history would drown.
But I want to feel the brush of your soft moist lips across my face, neck and brow.
I don’t want this.
I want you.