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Yup, I saw that, didn’t I? Your eyes widened for that millionth of a second and there was a flicker of astonishment and amusement at the same time. You hadn’t seen me walk in but just as you turned towards the door I was right there in  your line of sight. And that’s when your eyes said so much and so little all at the same time. My nature is to avoid making eye contact but this time I knew I was going to look into your eyes and see something, anything.

I think I blinked first when I said “Good morning” with a plastic smile on my face and you caught me off guard with your “Good Afternoon”. I fumbled losing the eye contact but just before this I saw your eyes glide over me head to toe. What was there in that glide over? A bit of the aforementioned amusement and astonishment and may be a tiny little interest. You recovered at the same time I did. So we made eye contact again. And an amused smile spread from your lips to eyes with mine about to respond.  But I shrugged my shoulder and walked ahead letting you catch me walk away from you and the rest of view, as they say.

So who won that round fella? 

You say.

I think right now we are 2-1. The first time you took me by surprise and i lost a point somewhere in between the ‘beginning to like you’ and ‘we can’t be friends’, but don’t you worry I have been around longer than you and played this game more often.  Let’s see who breaks the impasse first.  And I can promise you I won’t make it easy for you.


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