You have to come up the stairs, go through the security check and then you will see me. I am waiting here. I turn back and enter the glass door wondering whether you will be able to find your way. I had specifically told you not to take the parking entry and come from the front facade. Now you are lost somewhere in the labyrinth of offices in this business Park. Should I go out to find you? Why should I serves you right for not following instructions ! Wonder where you are, let me check at the security point, I turn around to step out and someone else is walking in so I stop in my steps and then I see her. Well, correction, I see you walk in, you look compeltely different, like oh my God what did I miss, different. I can’t read that expression on your face. You look at me evenly. Yet somehow there is something more in your eyes. I can’t help my eyes slip away for a quick look at the rest of you. You look gorgeous, totally different from what I have seen. That’s whatbi want to say as i think it. But i don’t. This is like version 2.0. I do want to linger on taking in the new you but I know you hate when men do not keep eye contact. You say Good Morning, I can’t help smiling realising I have had to pull away my eyes and make eye contact. I cover that up with a Good Afternoon. I think you lost your composure for a second and looked away. I know you had seen me check you out but suddenly I wasn’t afraid. I knew what was happening. You playing a game. Before i can get in one more word you shrug your shoulder and walk ahead slower than usual. Well at least now I can admire you walking away. Yup that’s your plan all along. It’s quite evident.  I try to think of something funny nor smart to say but in my head that one moment was burned in. You walking in and how you looked and that unreadable expression. Are you angry? Are you pissed? What is it? My stomach has a strange feeling. Every little memory of the night escapes from the locked box in my head into my eyes. I got to keep a straight face.

After that very annoying conversation last time this you, New you is mind boggling and I am stunned. What’s going on in your mind?

I’m clueless. Where is this going?