Reading List June 2017 ( updated )

  1. Murukami 1q84- plodding through this badly translated work. But I haven’t given up hope yet. 

  2. Margaret Atwood The Handmaid’s  Tale- Excited about reading this contemporary classic. Recently a lot is being written about this book, mainly in connection with #oursharedshelf and #Netflix drama.

Blake Pierce Once Gone – FBI crime thriller with a Female protagonist , trying hard to balance her commitment to her profession with the societal indoctrinated expectations of being the perfect mother figure to her offspring. 


      Blake Pierce Cause to Kill- Another female protagonist with a failed marriage, a baggage of guilt over her offspring, trying to prove to the world she is redeemable. 

      Happy reading folks!!

      Why is Gifting so tough? 

      When you get married you suddenly have abundance of important dates , other than your own birthday. And since you share some of these with your spouse the whole surprise element comes into play. So there are the birthdays , then the wedding anniversary , these two are the bug ones. Other dates may be the Valentine’s Day or some other memorable dates from your time of courtship. The trouble with these dates are what to gift to your spouse. I tend to believe that a gift is something that the person you are giving it to will love. You have done your homework and you are giving something meaningful to the recipient. A present is more like a on the fly item you pick up when rushing for a party , going to attend a wedding reception or when you are travelling and you pick up souvenirs for people. It’s not as meaningful in your mind. Both a gift and a present can be useful however, the thoughts behind buying each is slightly different. 

      But when you come across about  2 to 3 occasions annually and you have to gift to the same person it become a nightmare. Some people tend to ask their spouse what would they like. I appreciate this because it’s better than ending up buying something undesirable. The other is to go with your guts. 

      I think some people are smart enough to drop hints about what they would like. Unlike these people I prefer to be surprised. My list of favourite gifts include any luxury items like watches, jewellery , perfume, designer bags, destination vacations. I am fairly easy to shop for. I don’t like being gifted clothing because of fits and designs. Otherwise I am pretty much game for anything, even a great dinner or a bottle of Jack  Daniels. I think sometimes my spouse gets a bit hassled over what to gift. Like most men he cannot think beyond technology, so after 3 phones, 1 tablet , 1 sports watch I am afraid of what’s coming next.

      Just wish the spouses would tune into what women want and no that doesn’t mean they Google gift ideas because some the sites have really dumb ideas. If I were to suggest gifting ideas for wives, they would be as follows:

      1. A couples spa day or just a spa day for her where she gets pampered with a relaxing massage , body wrap , a facial and a steam/ shower. 
      2. A staycation in a 5 star hotel in the city with a special dinner with pre orders special dishes and a fancy cake to celebrate with champagne obviously.
      3. A designer sunglass from Dior or a perfume. Anything from the house of Dior or YSL.
      4. A gift voucher or a personal trip with no limits on spending for the brands/ stores she loves to buy makeup, skincare.
      5. A great bag , a tote , a purse, a slinbag.
      6. A great peace of jewellery preferably in diamond. 
      7. If at all clothes preferably expensive silks or a trip to her favourite brand outlets for no limits splurge. 
      8. If at all Gadgets then the newest phone , Bose Bluetooth speakers or JBL headphones , if at all camera , not the entry level model but a intermediate model with additional lenses. No fitness trackers please.
      9. A huge bunch of flowers and handmade chocolates ( never fails ).
      10. A car just in case you are aiming high.

      Go buy some good gifts for the women you love.