Jack Ryan and other Men

When you are married it is a tad bit difficult to comment on the opposite sex. Whether you are a male or a female there will be a few raised eyebrows from friends or collegues or relatives. Anyway this is not really about being married. But it is about attractive men. So I saw the many adverts for the new Amazon Prime original Jack Ryan and I was interested. Once I started watching I realised hang on this is the same guy from The Office. When did he get this good looking! And then I started noticing how every opportunity they get Jack Ryan is shirtless. Clearly this was a ploy to show off his chisseled body. And then it hit me I am so used to the camera panning on the women in popular television suggestively showing off the curves that I have never really noted it. And it is only when they started showing off this guys body that I found it odd .  Sometimes we are so used to the male gaze and the patriarchy that we normalize what is a sexist agenda and idea. Back to good looking men!

Good looking men are hard to come by but these guys who cast for Jack Ryan clearly thought it was a great idea to make the character show off his chisseled body because well he is an ex marine and has kept his fitness regime and although he is only an analyst for CIA. But gosh I did find the man attractive. Perils of being married is before you know it one can speak out loud and then land oneself in the quandary. There is very little one can do in terms of back paddling when faced with such a situation. So I do the next best thing make a face and say I don’t find the Man attractive. Good save I think. But as the episodes continue Jack increasingly seems to be shirtless and I have to really keep a straight face when watching it with The H. 

Hence now I have decided the safest stuff to watch is Young Sheldon and Dr. Who. Men can definitely have all the camera panning and gawking but how do we women get around to enjoying our eye candy!!

The End.