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Reading List March 2019

Third month turned out to be better, my reading list has now gone upto two books. I think I can keep this pace up. I find myself gravitating towards crime thrillers and crime fiction. May be next month will try to read up something else.


  1. Annotation 2019-05-27 170614 A cute murder mystery , at least that’s what this pretends to be. Again the attempted red herrings and pushing the reader’s mind towards possible killers, never really bothering to solidify the suspicion, and a surprise ending, where the murder turns out to be the least expected and least seen character. Felt a bit contrived. The language is difficult to comprehend, as there is some form of local dialect in it, or perhaps an attempt to give the first person narrative an eccentricity in syntax. Overall Rating 3 /5
  2. Annotation 2019-05-27 173316 An attempted mystery in a historical set up. Too many details which do not really make any visible impact to the story. The ending unnaturally melodramatic. Perhaps to set up the series. Decent one time read. Overall Rating 3/5.

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