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Reading List May 2019

Okay, so may be this is the month I shall finally do more than 3 books. Fingers crossed. So, as it turns out before the end of the month I have reached a new personal best of 4 books.

But as you can see from the trend my focus is usually with crime and detective fiction. I am trying really hard to move away from only crime, thrillers and the similar genres but it is a tough addiction to quit.

  1. Annotation 2019-05-27 173336A good murder mystery with a little bit of red herring thrown in. Good writing but procedural details of police not so in depth. Not much focus on character development, perhaps because it is a series. Unnecessary hark back to past incidents of main characters, that may alienate new readers but might also connect well with the old readers of the series. Overall Rating 3 /5.

2. GUEST_655d1280-bd77-44f9-92ca-e067aa1db080.jpg

A surprisingly well written thriller, found it engrossing, couple of red herrings, but closer to about 3/4 th of the way the ending became obvious. But very enjoyable nonetheless. Overall Rating 4/5.

3. Annotation 2019-05-28 161128.jpg This is a surprisingly well written cozy mystery, which is apparently a new genre, in the lines of Agatha Christie’s Mrs. Marple series. The protagonist Aunt Bessie is the 90’s Mrs. Marple and does a fairly good job of solving murders. But the writer tries too hard to bring too many happy endings for the reader and ends up forcing the climax and the epilogue with revelations after revelations. The end result is the last 20 odd pages are a drag. Overall rating 3.5/5

4. Annotation 2019-05-29 104724 This is a prequel to the Blake Pierce series with Riley Paige as protagonist. It traces Railey’s discovery of her special abilities as an Empath which brings her to BAU. The character development for Riley’s friends, Father , even love interest is left off half-heartedly. There is the flash and bang ending. A red herring or two. The final unveiling comes a surprise but the explanation falls flat. Overall Rating 3.5/5.


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