Reading List June 2019

Summers always remind me of Vacations at Granny’s house and reading all the Agatha Christie mysteries, books pre-owned by Granny’s Father, my great grand-father. It brings a on a state of languid nostalgia, just like when one walks into an old bookstore and inhales the musty smell of decaying pages, dust, mothballs and memories.

This month should be exciting because I have landed myself some great story books ready to be devoured between commutes to work, before dozing off at night or while siting idly waiting for the pot to boil over on the gas stove.

  1. Annotation 2019-05-30 103222.jpg A cozy mystery set in a picturesque small erstwhile mining town. The mystery murderer holds well till the final unveiling. The red herrings are used throughout the book, but they do not fail to disappoint. The build up to the ending has a sense of foreboding, and when the final action happens and curtain falls, there is a gasp of wonder. Its a well written book. It happens to be Book 2 of a serial involving the protagonist Stormy Day. So, be prepared for a lot of reference harking back to the fist mystery in the series. The last page brilliantly sets up the book 3 of the series. Overall Rating 4.5/5
  2. bhk.jpg Yet another series starter from Blake Pierce, this time about a small town cop who through turn on events in the book moves to FBI. The Mackenzie White Book 1 is a gripping tale. Its well written, pacy and doesn’t have obvious plot holes. Crisply written makes it a breeze to read. Overall Rating 4/5.
  3. Annotation 2019-06-01 104452.jpg This is a story of a retired FBI Agent Wise, who at the ripe age of 55 years, decided she cannot deal with retirement and goes back to find a serial murderer. The procedural parts are somewhat poorly written, the personal drama aside, the mystery is a bit sluggish to read.  The big reveal of the perpetrator more to do with shock and awe. Overall Rating 3/5.
  4. 41801965._UY500_SS500_.jpg  This is a gripping tale of 2 sisters living down a tragedy in their childhood, but they don’t get to move past it as it follows them. This is by far one of the best Blake Pierce pieces I have read. The revelation comes as a surprise, doesn’t stretch one’s mind to make that leap to how the culprit had reached a point of desperate yet calculated attempt to hide a crime. The closing of the book feels realistic. One can ignore one or two obvious plot holes. But it is a good mystery to read. Overall Rating 4.5/5.