It has been more than two decades since I have painted Easter Eggs. I did it once in school. And this time on the occasion of Easter,  I am really excited about making a batch. I have never been an arts and crafts person, perhaps because I studied in a school where there was S.U.P.W classes and hence I had no other need to venture out by myself.

In fact the Easter egg project that I spoke about was part of school work. The other reason I can think of, for not being arty and crafty, is because I am essentially a lazy person with very little patience. Offlate with nothing else on my plate I find my energy and creativity peaking. Hence the new project of the Easter eggs.

I have done my share of google search on the subject and found lots of literature on it. Some of them allowing you to make Easter eggs with hard boiled eggs, which are edible. I don’t plan to do that this time. May be with a little food coloring next year I will have a batch of Marble finished hard boiled eggs for Easter morning.

This time I go the traditional way, by blowing out an egg. This means I made two holes with a sharp knife tip or scissor tip on the top and bottom end of the raw Egg. The top of the egg is the narrower end. The hole made here will be smaller, this will serve as the blow hole. The bottom of the egg being wider the hole made will be a little larger to expel the egg white and yolk. Normally once the holes are made the white of the egg flows out, if needed one can blow on the top hole very lightly to expediate the process.

Once the egg shells are empty, they need to be washed under running water and then dried properly.  Sometimes there may be tiny cracks on the surface near the two holes. If the cracks seem to be widening, apply a thin coat of fevicol with a brush to cover these cracks and let the eggs dry. This is a tip I discovered while making this batch.

Empty Egg shells with Blow holes drying in the sun

Easter eggs are normally displayed in a basket meant to represent a nest with some paper filling or other artificial filling. One can also create a hanging display by using a small toothpick and thread. This is achieved by tying the thread to the toothpick and inserting the same through the top hole in the egg and once its through the bottom hole, the toothpick is turned horizontal ensuring the thread pulls tight at the top and the toothpick acts as an anchor. This process should ideally be done post painting the egg. Using the thread the painted eggs can be hung in the house.

Yes, Easter eggs are painted with a variety of colors,  acrylic, poster,  edible food coloring,  melted crayons, felt tipped pens etc etc.

Paints and Brushes

Paints and Brushes

A variety of techniques are used, some simple like painting with a brush , others like dyeing the eggs in a bath of colored water, textures and designs are added with help of black marker, bleeding paper colors, tissue papers, stickers, rhinestone and every other crafts item available. A tip here, when painting the egg shells it is easier to insert the handle of a paint brush through the bottom hole of the shell and rotate the shell to apply paint. It is best not to add any water to the poster color, dip the brush into the pot directly and paint. Colors will be brighter and won’t run down and smudge the design you are making. The shells once painted need to be dried for at least a few hours else the colors may smudge. Use the same paint brush handle or a pencil to keep the eggs shells from touching anything and aired throughout its surface.

Egg shells being dried after painting

Egg shells being dried after painting

I plan to use some poster paint and the cluster of eggs I make will be displayed on a tray to replicate a nest.  I also had another idea of fitting long broomsticks painted in metallic color to the end of the painted egg shells and using them as a part of a flower display which consists of artificial flower as well as the Easter eggs. Simple and easy works for me.

Here is a batch of eggs completed and displayed. I ran out of egg shells for the second display. May be next year.

Easter Egg display

Easter Egg display


Although this post is not really a DIY craft piece, but in case you like this craft idea, do try it out and comment on my post to let me know how it went.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!