Reading list February 2018

Yes it’s another new year and this resolutions did not include reading books. Naturally I have managed not to read a book in the first month of the year. This is definitely not the start to my year I wanted. To prevent myself from falling back yet again to read 12 books a year. I have started a reading one this month. So here’s the reading list for the 2nd month of the year.

Anthony Doerr’s book is a man Booker prize winner which usually means it will be a good piece of literature but may not be a page turner .  I am still wading into it. Short review will be updated soon. 
Keep reading people. Books are your beat friend. 


Reading List Nov 2k17

I haven’t been reading any new fuction over the last 2 months, instead I have revisited a few books which I felt needed a re-read. Amongst them is Stephen King’s IT which I read after watching the impressive movie. But still my initial difficulty in tracking the convoluted timelines remained, especially towards the ending. Now looking forward to the 2nd chapter if the movie.

Here is my reading list for this month.


One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest by Ken Kessey has been made into a very successful motion picture and my interest in its orginal story comes from the movie. As far as book adaptations are concerned I have always been a fair in judgement. Most avid readers find the books better. But for me, I also appreciate the amount of work directors and  writers put in to transform a book like Harry Potter or Lord of the rings into a movie. 

The book by Kessey falls short in comparison to the movie in keeping my attention. However the poignant beat of the story is much better highlighted to a reader than a viewer. If you are a fan of the movie you can and should read the book. For me it was a revealation. In fact this book tied up well with the book of Shutter Island also. 


Drained by E.H. Reinhard is a serial murder mystery with a no real mystery. The book opens with the serial killer in first person narration and follows the story till the obvious conclusion of the killer being caught. The characters are stereotypical and barely scratch the surface of the psyche of the killer. Overall a trash piece to be read and deleted immediately from the ebook library. 

 Malevolent by EH Reinhard is a police procedural murder story. It’s a simple book with a simple premise and very little in terms if mystery. The main character of Lt. Kane is poorly sketched and even after winning the day doesn’t engage the reader emotionally. 
To be continued … 

Reading list August 2017

This month’s list is still a working progress , but to begin with I am reading the following ,

  1. The last librarian- Brandt Legg,  a dystopian world, where the last library is being shut down and a group of people are trying to save the physical books. Why? You have to read it in order to know . Some of the work feels a bit derived but a good read .

  2. Requiem-Celina Grace – Yet another cop murder mystery , part of a series of self published books. Worth a light Reading. Not too well written or gripping. One time read , like your usual paperback that you pick up at the station or airport before travel and leave it in the train /flight. 

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Reading List July 2017

I am a bit late this month to post the reading list. I have had a good run last month with the books. Having been able to finish the 3 I had set my sights on and add a few more. You may have seen the updated reading list for June.

This month I have set my self the usual target of 3 books.

1. STEPHEN KING’S IT- This is a highly acclaimed horror genre title. After The Shining this is probably the most talked about book by King. The fact that a new movie is releasing this year made it a good time to read. I will confess I am not a big King fan. The initial fear factor is wearing thin as I progress into the middle part of the story. The story keeps shuttling between narrators and that is putting a bit of strain on my ability to read smoothly. I keep having to go back and re read chapters. Let’s see how it goes.

2. The Closing by Ken Oder comes highly recommended by Bookbub site and Pinterest books to read . This is a legal genre, my reading of the genre is unfortunately limited to Grisham, and I am a fan. But it’s still early days to pronounce a verdict on Oder’s ability to hold my attention.

3. Paula Hawkins’ The Girl,on the Train remained a bestseller from its 2015 release till 2016. It is now adapted for a movie. There is a lot of hype about the book, and I had been waiting for the price to go down as happens with most paperbacks. Turns out in 2 years it hasn’t reduced Re.1. So I finally bought it. The story again has the numerous narrator issue, which means the reading is not smooth. The protagonist and all female characters mouth sad and redundant cliches about how women think or react. Some of it is actually cringeworthy, specially where these women show so much self doubt that borders on paranoia. They are quick to dismiss their gut feel or plunge head first into following their heart instead of weighing in reason or logic. They are obssessd about fitting into the societal expectation of being a good wife and good mother. It may be a thriller but it is a sad commentary on how women view their own Gender. I am particularly disatissfied with the deneoumount because it is lethargic and lazy. There is no closer. There is no reality check. The protagonists are insipid in their reaction. Overall, it’s a badly written fiction. But that doesn’t surprise me because even E L James was a bestseller with her horrid Christian Gray series.



Deadly Impulse by Carolyn Arnold is a police detective series. The Detective Madison solves a 3 murder mystery which is not a serial killers handy work. Recommended for light reading. 


Carolyn Arnold’s-Ties that bind, is a prequel to the Detective Madison Knight series and in this she solves the serial killings of three apparently unrelated victims. A bit melodramatic at the end but good enough for a relaxed reading on a rainy afternoon. 


Three seconds to rush by Danielle Stewart is a mystery drama, about reconciliation of  2 childhood soulmates in the midst of mystery related to a crime. The solution of the puzzle is slightly loosely written but the emotions in the book are touching. So much so that sometimes it feels like reading a romance. It was enjoyable. Definitely worth a read. 

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Reading List June 2017 ( updated )

  1. Murukami 1q84- plodding through this badly translated work. But I haven’t given up hope yet. 

  2. Margaret Atwood The Handmaid’s  Tale- Excited about reading this contemporary classic. Recently a lot is being written about this book, mainly in connection with #oursharedshelf and #Netflix drama.

Blake Pierce Once Gone – FBI crime thriller with a Female protagonist , trying hard to balance her commitment to her profession with the societal indoctrinated expectations of being the perfect mother figure to her offspring. 


      Blake Pierce Cause to Kill- Another female protagonist with a failed marriage, a baggage of guilt over her offspring, trying to prove to the world she is redeemable. 

      Happy reading folks!!