Time for change …

I have been having second thoughts about using numbers as titles for my posts after completing the 100th post. So there are some changes.

Also next up will be my review of the recent books I have been reading. 


Join me as I complete that 10 books tag and review the final 2 books on my Blog in the coming week.

  • The lord of the rings
  • To kill a mocking bird

And also the 100th post on my blog. Finally, I am all set to reach the goal in exactly 24 hours.


A new idea just cropped up in my head, I am a book worm and I have always loved reading books, having met with a dead end in terms of ‘writing ideas’ off late , I have hit upon the Book idea. Well, I don’t think I am a full fledged critic who can review a book but what I can do is write a little about what the book made me feel and that perhaps can add some more posts to this dying blog.

So here is yet another series – which I will try to make regular – on books that I have read. There is no separate Category for this, just plain old, Books  and  Review.

Hope the readers will join me in this.