As a Human Resource professional I have to constantly monitor the discipline at workplace which includes monitoring the leaves taken by employees. During induction we tell all our new employees that they must plan their leaves as much as possible and inform the supervisor in time to seek permission. We advice them to always ensure proper communication of their leave plan to their supervisor in advance.
So, when ‘infant terrible’ of Indian politics Mr. Rahul Gandhi made a leave application and went on a sabbatical, I was impressed by his professional approach. He was a big shot in one of the leading political parties of the country. He had every opportunity to take a few days off by informing his mother. He didn’t necessarily have to seek a formal leave approval from the parties administrative supervisor. But he he did it nonetheless. And for being professional and following the rule book the media gave him flak.
Okay I don’t necessarily think Rahul Baba is the next PM or the next leader of Congress,  but I can appreciate a man’s attempt to do something the right way. Many have argued that post the country wide debacle of the party his timing for leave was inappropriate. I believe that such an opinion is short sighted and merely an attempt to impress one’s own sense of moral and ethical code on someone else.
When the party was defeated post an extremely strenuous pre poll campaign,  he decided to take a few days off with permission. I am assuming he did so because he needed to recharge his batteries, come back with renewed energy. And what’s the harm in that. Politics is his profession and he sought to take a break before he jumped back into work just like any one of us would do. Some would argue being a political leader means it is one’s calling and there cannot be personal time or leave from it. But the profession of doctor,  lawyer, even that of a reporter is a calling and have their own ethics,  in their case do none of them take a day off for personal work or a leisure trip with the family.
On one hand we applaud the “common man” leader for being just like the next guy on the bus and appreciate when he wants zero preferential treatment,  on the other hand we mock Rahul Gandhi for going on a leave and do not spare him even on his return. We the public have every right to judge the leaders we have chosen but do we have the right to mock someone we have rejected by public mandate? He no longer influences our taxes or our roti, kapda and makaan issues, then why indulge in such senseless and crude mockery. When we cry ourselves hoarse demanding better political leaders should we not aspire to be better public.